A New Dawn

Hello friends! As you may have noticed I was missing from my blog for a while now. Over the past few days I was busy with my short story. I was writing it for the Amazon Kindle Storytelling Contest 2017. I read about this contest sometime in April when I was in Mysore. I started off writing for the same immediately. It, however, took quite some time to streamline it and take it in a proper way.  I hope to get feedback on the same from all of you.

A New Dawn is a short story. It is not a thriller or mystery. It is just a story of Disha, the girl next door. She is very simple and down to earth homemaker. Then comes in her husband, Sameer. A normal ambitious businessman who travels a lot. Sameer’s frequent trips on business leaves Disha home alone. Is she happy with the way her life is going ahead? Or does she regret living this way?

Only time will tell! So make some time to read this short story to know this relationship of trust, love and lies as it unravels.

Follow the link given above  to download the book on Amazon.

Why are you still sitting here? Rush to read more about Disha and Sameer and how their life goes on.

Do get back to me with your feedback.


Note: The Cover Page for the book is created by Mayur Sarma 🙂


My First Short Fiction Story

Hi guys!! Let me post the link first:


I have been running around promoting my first short story. I have submitted it for an International Short Story contest. I need as many downloads as possible. So every now and then, you guys must have noticed that I pop up with a link to my story. It could be very troublesome for you guys to see it on a daily basis. What can I do? My goal was to finish my short story within the due date and submit it for the contest. When I submitted, I was least worried about promoting it. One of the conditions for selecting the winners is that they will rank the books based on the number of downloads. For me, submitting it was the biggest thing ever!

After submitting, I shared on social media and waited to see the response. The downloads moved slowly from 1 to 14 and then to 21 and so on. First day I was on Rank 92, and then slowly moved on to 91 the next day. Third day when my husband went to check my rank, my book was not visible on the 12th page. He slowly went back every single page to check where my book disappeared suddenly! I was shocked when my husband called out to me as if something happened. I ran to check what was it, when I realized that I had taken a big leap from Rank 91 to Rank 37. That is when I got the spirit to promote my book. From then, you have seen me every single day reaching out to people on social media to download my book.

Now we are just reaching the end of the contest and with all our efforts collectively I am on Rank 19. Last one more day of the contest and we will be done. So, I am here to request those of you who have not yet downloaded it to download the book.

1. Follow the link and the synopsis of my story opens

2. On the extreme right side you can see the various download options along with the instructions on how to download it given farther down.

3. Please download my story and share the link with as many people as possible

Thank you so much for the support and encouragement. Looking forward to write much more with your encouragement.