I’m 4 years old!!!

big-cake1256Hey friends! No, no; I’m not four years old, it’s my blog!! After having given my blog a makeover, I’ve been blogging regularly, since. Four years ago, on 28th of February, I decided to give a plunge into this blogging world. Four years later, today, I’m glad I did it. I never thought I’ll come this long in the blogging world. I always loved writing; and I wanted to share my experiences and thoughts. Nothing was better than blogging. That is how I started off.

I did not expect that I would come this far as I did not expect readers waiting for my posts, but to my surprise during the period in between, when I got lazy and stopped blogging regularly I had people asking me why I stopped blogging. In fact, there were people who were waiting for my posts. That I when I decided, come what may, I have to respect my readers, who encourage and motivate me to do what I love.

During the time when I had literally stopped blogging and put up like one post per month or so, my husband kept insisting that I should follow my passion for writing and blog regularly if at all I dream to achieve big in the writing field. With this continuous motivation and encouragement, I somehow managed to shed my laziness and decided for myself, to put a blog post every Thursday. I am a day late this week, I know. Considering the fact that I’ve consistently put up posts every week this month, I’m proud of myself for having comeback with blogging.

Recently, I gave my blog a makeover and my husband brought out the creative side in him, by designing a cover for it. With the hope that I will receive the same kind of encouragement from all of you, I wish to make my blog a huge success in the coming days.

Thank you so much for reading and giving me the feedback. Most importantly, thank you for motivating and encouraging me to continue blogging.


Note: The image has been borrowed from the net.