Restaurant Review – Silver Beach Café

IMG_20151025_190133200Hi friends! I’m back!! Yes, I know it is really surprising to be back so fast.. I’ve always tried putting in new segments on my blog and I’ve received good feedback for the same as well. When I was sitting and thinking about what new to blog about, the idea of reviewing the various restaurants hit upon me. I mean, why not? It will really help others get a good insight into the various places tried and tested by someone. So here I am with my new segment – Restaurant Reviews. The first restaurant I’m going to review is ‘Silver Beach Café’ near CST, Mumbai. It is one of the few places where I’ve been quite a few times and have not been disappointed at all.

We always saw this dimly lit place whenever we went on our movie expeditions to Sterling which is situated few buildings away from it. We once decided to hop in on a Sunday evening for a quick date. We were really impressed with the interiors of this place. We found a quiet place to sit and I must tell that it was really a treat. The décor was amazing, the lighting was awesome, the service was really good and the food was delicious. We ordered a soup and a pizza. The taste of the same still lingers on my tongue.

We ordered a tomato soup with lemon grass in it. The taste was subtle with a few flavors playing on your taste buds (that is the reason I’ve not forgotten the taste). Moving on to the pizza, it was huge with a thin crust. It was really surprising for us to find a perfect thin crust pizza at a place other than Dominos. The flavors, as mentioned earlier, really played well. We were full by the time we had our pizza as it was a huge one, as stated before.

We, then, asked for a Cappuccino and a Hot Chocolate. The way they served their Cappuccino was really interesting. We were content after this heavy meal. I decided then and there that this was one of the places I would visit often. The prices were reasonable as well.

The second time I visited this place was recently with my sister. We went there for lunch before going for The Jungle Book. This visit made me happier! I don’t remember the exact name of the starter, but it was something called the Chives Potato with gnocchi and blue cheese. This is something which I will never ever forget. It was so tasty that after we took the first bite, both of us, who happen to be very talkative, shut our mouths immediately and enjoyed every bite of it in silence and attained solace immediately.

The service was really amazing. I would like to mention Vinod specifically here, as his service was amazing. We ordered much more than what we thought we could eat (a pizza and risotto). We were full after eating the pizza; but we had already ordered and couldn’t cancel the same. Another point was we couldn’t carry the risotto with us immediately as we were going for a movie and we are not allowed to carry food stuff inside. We requested Vinod to keep it for us till 5 pm and he readily agreed to the same without any hesitation. When we went back at 5.30 pm, he heated the same, packed it neatly and gave it to us. We were really impressed with the same. After this visit, my husband and I quickly ran to grab a cup of coffee when we went for a movie few days ago.

After having visited the place about three times, I very confidently state that it is a must try visit for foodies. I hope this review helps a lot of people… Give it a try! I will come back soon. Do not forget to let me know once you try this out.