My Date with Movies

Hi friends!!! The New Year is right here.. I just can’t believe it’s already been almost a month. Oh My God, time runs so fast I tell you. It’s going ridiculously fast, I mean. There are always certain things you’d love to do at a certain point of time in your life. Me being me, I would love to do something crazy or probably craziest. When I turn back to see the year 2014 that just passed by, I have done so many crazy things. One of them being, watching as many movies as possible. When I say as many movies as possible, I literally mean it. I have seen 34 movies in the past 7 months. I mean it when I say I have done the craziest things on earth. Which other topic would be most suitable than this one! I can give you a glimpse of which movies worth the watch you’ve missed out and which are those which were worth missing out. Few of the 34 movies which I’ve seen that have created a place forever in my brain have been taken up in this post, so that I can give you reasons why you should either watch it or avoid it.

To begin the review, I would first like to categorize the movies under three heads:

  • Very Good, Must Watch
  • Reasonably Good
  • Avoidable

There are quite a few movies that fall under the Must Watch category. I was really impressed with these movies, I must say. Let me just run through those must watch movies:

Gone Girl – It’s an amazing movie. You just can’t predict what’s actually in store for you. You expect something to happen and the plot and story is something completely different from what you expect. That is what gives the wow feel.

The Hundred Foot Journey – One such movie which will actually make you follow your heart and take up your passion to great heights.

The Grand Budapest Hotel – The British humor in the movie brings the movie on to the must watch category.

The Guardians of the Galaxy – What can I say about this movie! We were waiting to watch this movie for long, somehow we couldn’t. But in the nth moment we just ran and I must say, what a movie- an amazing one.

The Judge – It was one of the serious movies. But Robert Downey Jr’s acting is something worth the watch. The storyline, though very serious, actually moves you.

Big Hero 6 – One of the cutest animated movies. The way Baymax is built and taken about in the movie is quiet interesting.

The Penguins of the Madagascar – Again it is a cute animated movie. Sometimes, I feel, these cute animated movies are far better than the others.

Now, moving on to the reasonably good or one time watch movies:

The Maze Runner – A pretty decent movie – where people are by force brought together in a place and are forced to find their way out of what is called the Maze. If you like adventure movies, it is the one for you.

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death- Again, a onetime watch ghost movie. It’s not as scary as a ghost movie is supposed to be, but surely a decent movie. It doesn’t disappoint you. The story line is well framed.

Unbroken – It is a typical enemy attack movie. A decent one time watch movie, though it is basically on the very serious lines. Few parts in the movie actually make you feel yuck, but still it’s worth a onetime watch.

Lucy – This movie revolves around an awesome plot. Quiet a decent one to watch if you like sci fi movies.

The last category, as one would guess, is the avoidable ones. I don’t even have to give the gist as it is worth forgetting about the same. I’ll just mention a few of them which were hilarious and stupid beyond belief (hilarious in sarcasm).

The Babadook – It was supposed to be a horror movie but what a disappointment. It was like a comedy movie with everyone at the movie bursting out in laughter for its stupidity.

The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Part I – The heroine was the biggest disappointment here. She, being the Mockingjay had a very sad and always crying like look on the face.

Two Night Stand – It was supposed to be a romantic movie. As we always bond over horror movies, my husband and I thought we should give romantic movies a try too. But man, what a disappointment! I just can’t explain the disappointment.

And amongst others our famous Bollywood movies also take a place with their stupidity and their lack of story. Few amongst these great ones being Bobby Jasoos, Khoobsurat, Bang Bang and Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania.

So this has been my date with the movies. Hope you guys enjoy the walk through of few of the movies which were released in the past 7 months.

See you’ll soon again. Till then, Cheers!!!!!


My Review on ‘Gone Girl’

imagesHello friends! How’s life been treating you so far! I’ve stayed off my blog for quite some time now. I feel guilty to even apologize because I keep doing it. With dussehra and deepavali around, I was enjoying my tour as such. By the time I got back to my routine I was held up with certain other things which is why I couldn’t make it to My Space for so long. But now that I’m here, I hope to rock as before. I have a list of topics to blog about as I’ve had a pretty much adventurous one and half months. After a lot of thinking, I’m bouncing back with a movie review post – movie which one cannot afford to miss. As such after marriage I’ve been seeing lot of movies (at least my dad thinks so, because every other day I tell him that I saw a movie). In one such movie we saw in September, we came across the trailer of this movie ‘Gone Girl’. We weren’t that shocked or thrilled to see the trailer. We thought it is one such disturbing movie. Last weekend, when we were browsing to check out the movies, we saw it. But we didn’t seem that keen because the picture we had in our mind with respect to the movie was a quite disturbing one. However, when we checked out the reviews we were amazed. The reviews the movie received was something outstanding. The next moment we decided that we shouldn’t miss it. That, I think, was the best decision ever, because mark me, the movie was worth hundred stars.

I just can’t recollect what I need to mention about because the movie is a perfect watch in every aspect. The direction is like astounding. The way the script takes you from the start to end is something out of this world. It’s like expect the unexpected! The story initially is about a man’s search for his missing wife. It keeps you occupied initially with the usual police investigation after the wife goes missing. Somewhere, after sometime completely into the movie you will get the feel of a guilty husband hiding something plot. Is the wife missing or is she dead or was she killed by the husband? The ideas that keep rolling in your mind ne after the other is like a great exercise to your mind. But ultimately, are you right in what you thought! You will just keep guessing what’s happening, but you will not be able to decipher the plot unless the director unveils it to you. When the secret is unearthed you will be left wondering. We couldn’t have found a better movie to watch, on a lazy Saturday night.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been seeing a lot of movies. Of all the movies I’ve seen till date, this is one such movie which left me gaped. It’s an absolute fantastic thriller. At least do not miss this. I would probably not miss such a movie. The direction, I must say, is something out of the world. In other words, it’s a perfect thriller movie with an awesome script and direction. Instead of thinking twice, I would suggest you guys just rush to see it, as it is worth every penny.

I’ve chosen not to write much about the movie’s story line because it is a suspense thriller. I don’t want to; by mistake also reveal anything that will let the plot go lose. Believe me, it is an amazing movie. The actors Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike have done a brilliant job. Just rush to watch it and enjoy the thriller unfold slowly.

Women, I must mention will be one happy lot after watching this movie (smile, smile). Whatever this statement means!!!! Keep guessing..


My Review on ‘The Hundred Foot Journey’

downloadHi friends!! Hope life at your end is as sweet as honey! I’m back on my blog again after quite some time (exactly a month later). I know excuses are not meant to be, but folks I’m really sorry. I will make sure I blog at least twice a week from now on to make up for the days lost. As I had mentioned earlier I’m trying to bring in some new segments which might prove to be useful to most of you’ll in the days to come. That surely needs some background work, which at the moment is in progress in my over engaged brain. I have had my so many first sweet experiences back in Mumbai. Let me slowly bring it out one by one in my upcoming posts. One amongst them is what I plan to bring out in this current post. After shifting to Mumbai I’ve seen many movies (I’ve seen at least 10 movies in 2 months period – a bit too much for my Dad’s standard though). One such movie which will always remain in the list of my top favorites amongst them will surely be ‘The Hundred Foot Journey’. In fact, for me it’s the best movie ever. Today we don’t find any movie that actually creates an actual impact on you. We all go for it because it’s a time pass. But this movie is something more than what we actually expect from films today.

The film evolves completely around the life of one boy Hassan Kadam. The story starts off with Hassan as a boy and then takes us through his journey. The Kadam family move away from Mumbai after the communal clashes hit them and they lose Hassan’s mother in it, to a small place in Southern France. There they set up an Indian Restaurant just hundred feet away from Madame Mallory’s Michelin starred swank house. They really look too tiny in front of Mallory’s posh restaurant. But papa Kadam, an Indian Restaurateur doesn’t give up. He sets up this small gaudy restaurant with guts. Madame Mallory comes across as an icy proprietress is, however, not happy about it and she wants to have their business shut down. But senior Kadam’s son, Hassan Kadam has golden fingers with regard to cooking and his passion keeps their small restaurant going stong. Initially seeing his passion for cooking, Mallory’s chef Marguerite gifts Hassan a cook book with delicious French recipes. The story moves about with Hassan lending a hand in the setting up of this restaurant and how the Kadams take it along. In the course, they face opposition and obstacles. But, despite it all, the path which Hassan takes towards his success later in his life is worth watching.

I just loved the movie. Nowhere in between did I feel that it was moving slow. The movie is worth a watch. It shows that if you’ve passion you will do anything to reach the right place. Hard work and passion together will take you places for sure. My advice is to just rush and watch the film. I loved it. I’m sure you will all enjoy the subtlety. Manish Dayal as Hassan Kadam has done a real good job.

Until you guys watch the movie and get back let me just rush and get back with something nice yet again.



My Review on the movie “Hasee Toh Phasee”

Hey friends! I’m back again. This time with a brand new segment as a part of My Space’s first birthday, that’s due this Friday, a movie review (ok don’t panic guys, it’s surely not Hrithik’s movie). I introduced a new segment on photography recently (which has possessed the greater part of me, of late). I was obviously getting bored to post just recipes, book reviews and general posts every now and then. As My Space promises, I wanted to bring in something new since long. But wasn’t able to come up with it because I was just too busy reading books and trying out recipes. As a part of what can be rightly called my New Year resolutions, I decided that this year I’m surely going to spread my wings by making use of my time very effectively, not just for the sake of doing, but for my own happiness as well. That’s how I brought in the segment of photography and similarly, I’ve come up with this movie review as well.

My friends might be wondering if I’m sick or something, because it is pretty unusual of me to post something related to movies minus Hrithik in it. I can’t remember the last non – Hrithik movie I watched in the theatre. I make it a point to watch every other Hrithik’s movie exclusively in the theatre and the rest I watch at home, probably a month after it releases. I’m glad I watched Hasee Toh Phasee in just the second week at the ‘cinemas’, thanks to the person who accompanied me. I wouldn’t have watched it at the cinemas if it wasn’t for you.

The film revolves around the life of Meeta (Parineeti Chopra) and Nikhil (Siddarth Malhotra). Both are extraordinarily brilliant, but they are not the ideal children their parents want them to be. At a wedding, Nikhil unknowingly helps Meeta run away from her house. In the same wedding, Nikhil meets Karishma (Adah Sharma) and falls for her. After few years, they are engaged. It’s only after his engagement does he realize that Meeta is Karishma’s sister. Karishma’s father doesn’t approve of Nikhil as he feels he is this lazy lad type. Series of events take place and Nikhil is forced to help Meeta with accommodation as per Karishma’s instructions. As Nikhil is not satisfied with any other accommodation, he takes her to his house. Meeta has these weird habits of popping in anti depressants and stuffs. Slowly Nikhil realizes what Meeta is going through and he helps her get out of these habits, gradually. Thus, follow various twists and turns. Obviously, I wouldn’t reveal it here!

I have not been such a great fan of Parineeti. I had previously followed her in her 2 other films, Ladies vs Ricky Behl and Ishaqzaade. I felt she was good in Ishaqzaade.  But still wasn’t the so called great fan of Parineeti. After watching the movie Hasee Toh Phasee, I’ve surely become her fan. You must watch the film for her acting at least. She has done wonders in the film.

The film is overall a nice one, a must watch one, I’d rather say. I liked it. A very sweet love story framed with exact proportions of love, laughter and emotions. You don’t feel that it’s too much in any part of the movie because it is that subtly made.There’s no reason why you shouldn’t go and watch it. I’m sure you’ll be entertained. When I can love the movie (me being the typical ‘hrithik’ fan), I’m damn sure all of you’d love it. Give it a try atleast. Do not miss it.

Will be back again this week…

Till Then, Cheers!!!