My Experience at a Government Office – Corruption is still prevalent

imagesHi friends!! I have been really shameless for the past three months (seriously!!!). I have no words. I don’t even want to apologise because I know how it is going to be. It is like a chain. I apologise and promise to blog often and then do not keep up my promise and it goes on and on, without an end. So, I will just get to blogging. I have been wanting to share my experience at a Government Office. It started with the change of phase for the electric meter. On a Monday morning I confidently walked in to the Electricity Office in our area. I was pretty sure that the work will be done in one day, after all it was just a change of phase. Little did I know that there was an elaborate procedure involved.

I first went and enquired for a form for change of phase. From what I understood it was a form of authorisation from the person in whose name the electricity connection is in. The problem started, then. The connection was in my husband’s granddad’s name (he passed away long ago!). We had to first change the name and then proceed for phase conversion. I went and spoke to the help desk guy and told him that I need to change the name. He referred me to some other person and I explained everything in detail to him. I told him that I want to get the connection changed to my father in law’s name. That guy very easily told me, ‘Don’t go for name change, it will take a long time.’

I was surprised and asked him, ‘What should I do then?’.

For which he very coolly replied, ‘Give the form in your granddad’s name only and when some person comes for inspection just tell them that your granddad has gone to the market.’

I was so shocked that I cannot explain it.

I told him, ‘Listen I do not want to take the wrong route and I am not doing anything like forging or telling lies. It’s ok, if it takes a longer time for conversion, but I will go through the proper route only.’

He was taken aback. He said, ‘I will let you know how much it will cost for a change of name’, and went to some counter and spoke to that guy for a long time.

He came back and said that The Change of Name would cost me Seventeen Thousand Rupees.

I was like, ‘WHAT THE HELL?’

I told him, ‘I will check online and get back to you.’

He was again shocked. He was like you have to pay me two to three thousand rupees extra since I have to go to the Head Office and submit the form.

This is when I got really angry. I asked him straight, ‘Doesn’t the Government pay you salary? It is for your work that you are paid and this is your work. I will not pay you anything more than the legal fee.’

He quickly asked me, ‘When will you give me the cheque? I will come over to your place and collect it. Why should you come all the way in this heat?’

I was laughing from inside. I replied, ‘You don’t have to worry about me. I will manage. We will somehow come back here and finish it.’

I just left from there the next second and spoke to my husband about it. He was also shell shocked. On the way back home, I checked online for the actual procedure for change of name. Believe me, the Government website is so good that I actually did not expect it. The total fee was about 7,000 rupees as against the 17,000 he demanded. Above all, you are allowed to set off your security deposit sitting in your credit against the total fee payable. So, I had to pay about 4,000 rupees to get the name changed. The procedure was simple, self – explanatory and convenient. You can do it from your own home. In about fifteen days, the name was changed as well.

What I wish to tell from this post is, corruption is still prevalent. Why is it so? It is because we are encouraging it. We should put our foot down. When we do it a couple of times, then such people will get scared to ask for money the next time. They may not stop, but at least they will think twice before asking.

When I shared my experience with a few people, they point blank told me not to do that. They also told me that I will never be able to get the change done if I go against someone from within the department, but I am proud of my family. All of them supported me and told me to go the right way and not fall prey to such people. I successfully completed the first leg of my work. Now when I go for my next step I am sure that I will come across the same guy at the Department. Come, what may, I will not encourage him, but at the same time I will get my work done without bribing anyone.

I request all of you to say no to Bribing. If you want to have an India of your dream and bring the change, then you need to be the driving force for the change. Only then, you will have all the right to crib about what is not right in your beloved country.

I hope I did not bore you guys to death with this long and serious post.

See you soon.

Till then, cheers!!!


Hey it’s my Mom’s Birthday

IMG_1444Hello friends! I am here with a different post today. I wouldn’t have found another apt day to put up this post. It is my Mom’s birthday today! The moment my mom reads this I’m sure she will re -read it like hundred times to see if it’s true 😊 Yes, like any other mother-daughter duo, we always fight; like always! She tells me something and then I answer back and then it goes on and then she sulks and I sulk and then comes my dad, to intervene and sort it out for us.

As I’m getting older I am realising one thing, I’m becoming more and more like my mom (and believe me, that’s really scary). People who know my mom very well might just laugh at this and say this girl is insane, but yeah, I’m her daughter so I have the right to pull out her negative points and highlight it to her and say, ‘See I’m becoming like you’. I have the liberty to throw tantrums at her because she is my mom; if I don’t do it, who else will do it. I am the only child. I have all her negative stuff but to be frank enough I don not have any positive quality of her (yes, yes I am admitting that you have positive qualities). She is disciplined; she is very clean. Believe me, at 9 in the morning, the kitchen will be sparkling clean, making it look as if she hasn’t prepared any food (while she would have finished cooking for the entire day by 9). She is quick and I’m slow. I’m a clean freak too, but my laziness takes over everything else in the world. She is not lazy at all, but as I mentioned earlier, I am..

My mom might suddenly think, ’what is happening today? Is this my daughter writing this or is it someone else in disguise?’ Yeah, generally, I refuse to praise her, but since today is her day, I thought I would do it.  I am not like my mom by nature. She is very soft in nature, but firm; while I am in no way soft by nature.

Mom, I want to tell you that how much ever we fight, always remember one thing, I will never stop loving you 😊 We might have differences of opinion, but I will never ignore whatever you tell me. After fighting with you I think about whether what you said was right! It is just that I do not want to accept in front of you that you are right.

I can go on writing for ages about you, but I want to keep this post short and sweet for your birthday.

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you had a great one. I hope you enjoy this tiny gesture from my side on your birthday. Love you.


Yay!! I am 5…

downloadHi friends… There’s double celebration today. This is my 100th post and on this day, 5 years ago I started blogging. I was waiting to give my 100th post today, so as to make it memorable. The reason I started blogging was my love for Writing. I know, nowadays I don’t write enough! I’m trying to get rid of my laziness and write more. I have succeeded to a certain extent. I have started off with another short story, which I hope to publish in the near future.

I have mentioned in my earlier posts that I never expected to reach any milestone in blogging. I loved writing and I wanted to express myself through words (people who know me well also know that I am a very talkative person). That was the time when I felt that blogging is the medium through which I can express myself. Initially, when I started, I did not even expect people to read it. Slowly and steadily I started noticing that people started reading my posts. The visitors on my blog increased by the day.

It was one February afternoon that I decided to start my blog and by evening I was ready with my blog page and My First Post, that was way back in 2013. I did not realise that time what was in store for me. Few months later I met Mayur (my husband) and something clicked and we were married within a year. What I did not know was, that my husband had read my blog post secretly and was very impressed by it. This made my blog very memorable for me. When I first started off, my blog was called My Space, but I changed it about a year ago. My husband helped me revamp my page to Vaishu’s Corner and designed it for me. Also, when I started off I was using blogspot , but after a year I changed to WordPress. I have been more than happy on WordPress.

Whenever I have been to family gatherings or wedding people have appreciated my blog. Of late, I know that I have been a disappointment to you all. I have not been blogging enough. My husband says that I have to respect my fans and write more. I will not make any promises like I have always made. I will make sure I make time for my blog and keep my fans happy. My family has been a great support in this for me, be it my parents, in- laws, sister or husband; everyone has supported me to do what I love, that is writing. I must in such a case give them happiness by writing more. So, friends, be ready to see me on your timelines more often with my blog posts.

I have, finally, decided that I will no more wait for free time to blog. I will make it my priority because not many people get the support to do what they love. When I have such a loving and supportive family and fans, I know I shouldn’t disappoint any of you.

Thank you so much for encouraging me till now and I hope to get the same encouragement in the future as well.

On the occasion of the fifth birthday of my blog I would like to share with you the post that is very close to my heart. It is the post which I wrote on my grand mom’s birthday way back in July 2015 (which happened to be a year after her death). I will share the link of the same so that you can re-read the post that means a lot to me.

See you soon..

Till then, Cheers!!!

Forever Jinxed with Electronics!!

imagesHi friends!! The title might make no sense at the outset, but believe me, it will make full sense once you finish reading the entire thing. I have always been jinxed with electronics/network. From the very first Motorola mobile I had to the latest laptop, somehow, I feel I am jinxed. Initially, with my basic Motorola Mobile, I assumed that the problem I had was due to the mobile being a basic one. I realised much later that it wasn’t the case. It was just me 😊

The basic mobile and the ones that followed had storage and network issues. I kept changing my mobile every year to somehow get rid of the space issue, but in vain. In a hurry to replace my phone, I always ended up buying something which always conked off after a while. I even ported to Vodafone, but you will realise later that it didn’t help much. My previous Samsung Mobile was very good until recently, when it started troubling me. I couldn’t have any of the apps on the phone since I faced acute shortage of space. I decided to put an end to it and went ahead and bought an Iphone. I thought by buying it I will somehow get rid of these issues, but no there was something else waiting in store for me. God was probably laughing at me when I was buying an Iphone as if to say, ‘See what it has in store for you.’ (insert evil laugh)

I have never been a great enthusiast of Iphone, but my husband has always been . . I decided to listen to him blindly. I did not have any problem in the beginning and everything was absolutely fine. I knew that it cannot be true. I was, in fact, sure that something big is in store for me, waiting for the right time and yes, I was right.

Since the phone couldn’t give me any trouble, the network decided to take over. I have had Vodafone network for years now. I have faced little trouble here and there, but it reached its peak in October. The phone never had network and it was impossible for anyone to reach me. I realised at that time that the Vodafone network had problems in our area, but that went on for a month. I placed complaints, but in vain. The Vodafone customer care gave a courtesy call in between and that was it. I decided to do something about it as it was impossible for me to handle it. I work from home and the months of November and December were crucial for me. I did not have means of access as my registered mobile number was not reachable half the time. If I had to make a call, I had to juggle it by putting it on airplane mode. It was getting too much for me. I used to have a lot of patience, but I lost it completely 😊

Finally, in January I decided to take it up seriously. One fine day, I called up Vodafone and yelled at them (I can yell at people left, right and centre when the need comes). They did not give me any positive help and that is when I decided to port out of Vodafone. After I put up the porting request I got numerous calls from Vodafone, but I ignored them all and decided to take the plunge to Jio. I had no idea about it, but yet decided to give it a try since my luck with Vodafone had run out. Touch wood, I am happy with Jio, but the fact that I am jinxed with electronics/network remains intact. There are smaller episodes of my 4G internet working at the speed of 2G sometimes, even now. The only thing I am happy about as I mentioned is that the episodes of slow internet are smaller and less frustrating than before.

Coming to my Laptop. Oh yeah, that is what I meant when I said, I am jinxed with electronics. My old laptop conked off about two and a half years ago because it was old. The new one I bought was fine in the beginning, but as always it now pops up a message every time saying shortage of space. It has popped up probably fifty times while I have been trying to write this article.

So, what do you want to say about this? Don’t you actually think that I am jinxed with electronics and the like? I really think I am and so does my husband, my sister and everyone around me. By reading this post you guys will be giving moral support to me to lead this jinxed electronics’ life.

I know, this was too much drama to handle, even by my standards.


A New Dawn

Hello friends! As you may have noticed I was missing from my blog for a while now. Over the past few days I was busy with my short story. I was writing it for the Amazon Kindle Storytelling Contest 2017. I read about this contest sometime in April when I was in Mysore. I started off writing for the same immediately. It, however, took quite some time to streamline it and take it in a proper way.  I hope to get feedback on the same from all of you.

A New Dawn is a short story. It is not a thriller or mystery. It is just a story of Disha, the girl next door. She is very simple and down to earth homemaker. Then comes in her husband, Sameer. A normal ambitious businessman who travels a lot. Sameer’s frequent trips on business leaves Disha home alone. Is she happy with the way her life is going ahead? Or does she regret living this way?

Only time will tell! So make some time to read this short story to know this relationship of trust, love and lies as it unravels.

Follow the link given above  to download the book on Amazon.

Why are you still sitting here? Rush to read more about Disha and Sameer and how their life goes on.

Do get back to me with your feedback.


Note: The Cover Page for the book is created by Mayur Sarma 🙂