My Review on 1st to Die by James Patterson

1st_to_DieHi Friends!! With the monsoon on its low and my laziness on its high, I hadn’t blogged for a while now. So here I am today with a sudden realisation that – come, what may, my blog post is going to come up. Over the past two years I have been reading at least 20 books in a year. I started going out of my comfort zone (that is basically murder mysteries) and started reading books by Danielle Steel. I loved her books. I would have read at least 10 of her novels. I was glad I did that as I learnt how to describe the characters flawlessly from her books.

Apart from that, I always wanted to read books by James Patterson. For a murder mystery person like me, James Patterson’s books are something which shouldn’t be missed. I randomly picked a book called the 8th Confession. What I didn’t realise when I picked it up was that it was the 8th book in his Women’s Murder Club Series (I know I am stupid to not have realised that). Though the mysteries are completely different in each of his books, the Women’s Murder Club is the linking thread. I realised this after I started reading. I ignored the fact that it is a part of the Series and started off. I request you not to do that because I ruined something which was there in the first book. Regardless of that I enjoyed reading it. So, the next thing I did after finishing that book was to pick up the first book in the series – 1st to Die.

I know, it sounds very scary and believe me, the book will keep you hooked on to it. I am glad I started reading this series. The book is about a serial killer who goes on a killing spree murdering newly- weds. The Case of the first murder is assigned to the only woman homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer. She has had a lot of personal problems in the past. She is trying to get over it with the help of her friends Claire, Jill and Cindy, along with whom she has also started the Women’s Murder Club. They somehow find the link between all murders being committed with their respective skills and arrive at the conclusion that a Serial Killer is on a killing spree.

How Lindsay solves the murder with her partner Chris Raleigh and the help of her Women’s Murder Club is the story. The way it unfolds is mind blowing. The way Patterson explains how the murder is committed is something which will give you a chill; it seems as if you are witnessing one. His writing is unique compared to others. You can see the murder happen in his books, but the icing on the cake is the twist. A twist which you wouldn’t have imagined.

Isn’t it a treat to read such a book? According to me, it is. I know that I’m not going to stop until I finish the entire series now. Why don’t you guys try it? If you are a fan of murder mysteries, then you must go for it.

While you grab this book, I will rush to finish the remaining books in the series.



My Review on “Watermelon” by Marian Keyes

war=termelonHey friends! It feels good to be back blogging after a long time. Finally, I can sit near the window, with the laptop thinking about what to write, with breeze pushing my hair all over my face. It really feels amazing to sit and write on a super breezy monsoon evening. After such a long time, you can enjoy the weather without sweating. With the heat reaching new heights this year, I could do nothing I love, be it reading, be it writing. It took me about 2 months to finish this book, Watermelon. Yeah, it is one of my ways of justifying my laziness… So, this post is about the review of this book.

Watermelon is a funny book. It tickles your bones to the core. This is the first book of the author I ever tried reading, but believe me, I enjoyed it. It is a story about Claire. She has just given birth to the beautiful baby girl and her husband announces that he’s leaving her as he has been having an affair with a lady called Denise from their building. She is all heart broken and she decides to leave London and heads to Dublin where her parents and sisters live. In the beginning, she is all heart broken and depressed. She keeps to herself and her room. She is bribing her sisters to get drinks for her. She is always sprawling on her bed and crying over what happened to her.

Her dad walks into her room one day and advises her to hold herself together and come out of it. That is when she realises how stupid she has been, all the while. She decides to help herself and come out of it. She starts going out. She enjoys shopping with her baby. She starts going out more often, sometimes alone, when her mom minds her child Kate for her.

Enter sister’s classmate Adam!! She fantasizes him, though he is about 5 years younger than her. He also has a soft corner for her. They start meeting at Cafes and the Gym. He feels guilty about it, but then she realises that she is not having any affair but just enjoying, unlike her husband James. When things between her and Adams is turning out to be much more than just fantasies, James comes to Dublin. He wants Claire back in his life.

Does he genuinely want her or is it something more to it? What conditions does he strap her with, to get her back to him!

To know more about it, you must read this book. It is hilarious beyond belief.  I was reading the book for so long that I wanted to quit reading it at one point, but I am glad I did not do that. It is a big book with about 600 odd pages, but if you are free and can afford to read about 2-3 hours daily, you will be able to finish it by 4-5 days.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this funny book.


My Review on Danielle Steel’s “Winners”

9780552159128Hi friends! It is review time again. I know, I’m back with a review very fast this time. I have been reading way too much, these days. I am a huge fan of Danielle Steel. I can’t stop myself from picking up her book from the library. I just love how simple, but, yet how brilliantly she writes. This book ‘Winners’ is mainly about this girl Lily and her father. Lily loves skiing and she is practising to go to the Olympics. One tragic morning when she goes to the mountains to ski along with her trainer, due to bad weather, she and her trainer both fall off the chairlift. The trainer loses his life while she becomes a paraplegic. In fact, her dad would have warned her against going as it was snowing. She assures him that there is nothing to worry about as her trainer is very experienced.

She is rushed to the hospital and the doctors decide to go ahead with the surgery. That is when the specialist Dr. Jessie enters. She is a mother of three kids and she is all the time trying to balance family life with professional life. Her husband is of a great support to her. He is a doctor too. When she gets a call from the hospital to come for the surgery, her husband tells her to carry on. He assures her that he will manage. She is advised by her husband to go carefully since it had been snowing the entire day. As soon as she reaches the hospital, she explains to Lily’s dad the exact situation and convinces him to go ahead with the surgery as that’s the only option. He agrees, but he is still not happy about her being the surgeon. He feels, some experienced surgeon should take over. Everyone assures him that Jessie is the best and he finally gives his nod.

While on one side Jessie successfully operates on Lily, though she will be bound to wheel chair her entire life owing to the extent of damage on her spinal cord; on the other side Jessie’s husband goes to drop off his son at a friend’s place meets with an accident. The son manages to come out of it with a small nose injury while her husband Tim dies on the spot. Jessie comes to know of that after the long surgery early next morning. She is completely broken. Bill, from the beginning is quite rude to her, since he feels that she is not the best. He comes running to her to ask something, when she says that her partner will take over from her for the day, he is furious. He taunts her. When he goes to meet his daughter, he comes to know from one of the nurses that her husband passed away the previous night. He feels bad for his behaviour. He apologises for the same.

He wants to somehow make sure his daughter gets back on her feet, but Jessie tells him that it is impossible. He wants to take second opinion, so he decides to take her to London. Nothing works out for him. Everyone is of the same opinion as Jessie. So, he finally sends Lily to Craig, a rehabilitation centre for people with fatal injuries. He is impressed with how Craig is set up. After seeing all the facilities and after seeing how much Lily loves it, he decides to open a Rehabilitation Centre called The Lily Pad for kids under the age of fifteen with injuries (Craig admits kids over the age of fifteen).

Bill joins hands with Jessie, his old friend Joe and Jessie’s friend. They carve out a plan for Lily Pad and execute it. How they build Lily Pad from scratch is the next part of the story. To see what happens in it, you need to quickly go and grab the book. So don’t waste time here…

See you soon.

Till then, Cheers!!!

My Review on John Grisham’s ‘The Client’

downloadHi friends! Its yet another Thursday. After giving it a deep thought, I decided to come up with a review this week. I love reading, you guys would’ve realised that by now. If I love some book, then I have a tendency to read the same author’s books until I get a little bored and decide to take a break. I was continuously reading Danielle Steel’s books when my hubby suggested that I read John Grisham’s Partner or Firm in the break. That is when I laid my hands on ‘The Client’ based on the suggestion by the librarian. I had a lot of disturbances in the middle of me reading this book as I was running from one place to the other. Yet, I just couldn’t stop thinking about the book. It was something which I wanted to just go on reading….

The Client is the story of a young eleven-year-old boy Mark Sway. He is too smart and intelligent for his age. He lives with his mom and younger brother after his parents’ divorce. One night he drags his brother along into the woods. When they are hiding behind the tree, they see one car enter the woods. In the woods, it’s not normal to see any car, so Mark is all curious about it and forces his brother to stay along. They see a guy trying to commit suicide. They try and stop him without his knowledge. He, then, suddenly sees Mark, catches hold of him, bashes him and blabbers something. Mark becomes aware of one the most guarded and most wanted secrets from the guy, who happens to be the lawyer for the Mafia kingpin who has hidden the dead body of the Senator. Apart from the lawyer, Mark is now aware of the secret. The lawyer pulls out a gun and kills himself right in front of Mark and his brother. The two boys are completely traumatised. Mark is scared to tell anything to anybody. So, he makes an anonymous call to 911 and informs them about a gun shot.

The police realise that Mark has seen much more than just hearing the gun shot. Despite, questioning him a number of times, they do not get a thing out of him except that he heard the gun shot. In the meanwhile, his brother is completely traumatised and is in a comatose state in the hospital. On one hand, the police is questioning and re questioning Mark and troubling him and on the other hand, a gangster threatens Mark with dire consequences, if at all he reveals to anyone whatever the lawyer told him, before killing himself.

Mark is now in a fix. He is aware of something which he shouldn’t have been and because of that he along with his family is in grave danger. If he reveals anything to the police he is sure that he along with his mom and brother will be killed. He is not sure of what he has to do. He decides to appoint a lawyer. He goes in search of one and lands in lawyer, Reggie Love’s office.

From then on, it is a gripping story of how he overcomes a series of hurdles that come in front of him in the form of police sometimes and that of the Mafia kingpin the rest of the time. How he comes out of this mess with his super intelligent brain and with the continuous help, support and advice of his lawyer Reggie is what makes ‘The Client’ a very gripping novel.

Any mystery novel lover should not miss this one. I suggest you should grab this one immediately and go on without stopping.

While you keep yourself busy with this book, let me go in search of some other book and start off, so that I can come up with more reviews.


My Review on Jeffrey Archer’s “Kane and Abel”

51s6elfbszl-_sy344_bo1204203200_Hi Friends, as promised I’m back on Thursday with a review. I had, very long ago, read Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less’. I found the book very amazing. Thanks to my BFF Geeta for introducing me to Jeffrey Archer. After that I always wanted to read more of his books, but somehow could not. Recently, I had the opportunity to see Jeffrey Archer live at the release of his book ‘This Was a Man’ at Crossword (one of the leading bookstores). It was, then, that I got really motivated and decided to pick up one of his books from my library. I picked up ‘Kane and Abel’. So here I am, to give the review of the book.

It is one such book which every book lover must read (something which I realised after reading the book).  The description and comparison of the two important characters in the book is something which I loved the most.  As the name itself suggests, the book is all about the two guys Kane and Abel. The book begins with Abel. It starts with him being left unattended soon after birth in the fields when one of the ladies feels bad and adopts him. She and her husband do not have sufficient money to take care of their own children, but still, she goes against her husband’s wishes and adopts Abel. She brings him up along with her other children, but Abel is not very happy about how things are with him from childhood. He has this best friend who is a Baron’s son and he always feels that he deserves to lead a life like him too. One fine day, the Baron himself comes to Abel’s parents and asks their permission to raise him as he sees a lot of potential in him. Since the parents are financially very weak, he is well aware that they will not be able to give him a great life. They agree to send him as he is himself very keen on going. That is when his new journey starts.

On the other hand, is Kane (his name is William Kane), the son of a rich banker, Richard Kane, the Chairman of Kane and Cobbot. The contrast in the lives of Kane and Abel is brought out really well. At the time when Abel is all frustrated and wants to run away from his poverty, Kane has all the riches of life. He is basically born with a silver spoon. There is nothing that he lacks in life. He is also a very smart kid. From a very young age he has a flair for financials, making it very apparent that one day like his dad, he will also head the Bank. His parents want to have another child but they are advised against it, as the doctor says that it is life threatening for the mother.

The lives turn bitter for both of them. The war is on in Poland. The Baron and his Castle is captured. The Baron’s only son and Abel’s best friend is killed in the attack. The Baron is almost dying and Abel as a small kid is clueless. Just when the Baron is about to die he calls Abel and instructs him to escape and save himself when a truth is suddenly revealed and the Baron is shocked (it is to be found out by yourself). He gives Abel his silver band. The Baron dies. Abel is taken away along with a few others. A tough life begins for Abel as he is captured and he knows that if he tries to escape he will be gunned down immediately. On the other hand, Kane, his mom and dad and his grand moms (yes, grandmoms – grand mom Kane and grand mom Cobbot) are all happy in their lives when a tragedy befalls them. Richard dies in a mishap on the sea. Everything is almost getting back on track just when Kane’s mom marries a guy Henry Osborne, who turns out to be the villain in their lives. From the beginning, Kane is not very happy about his mom’s remarriage but lets her go ahead since he is in the Boarding School and he knows that his mom is lonely. Osborne makes life hell for everyone as he is constantly taking money from his wife out of her late husband Richard’s estate. Kane doesn’t like it, but his mom is blind folded in love. He, then, forces her to have a child even though the doctors warn against it. She dies while giving birth and so does the baby. Kane, then, throws Osborne out of the house and begins his life afresh.

Here, on the other hand, Abel escapes from the Germans and lands in US after crossing a lot of obstacles and lands up as a waiter in a restaurant. He, from the start of his life, had been a very ambitious person who doesn’t settle for smaller things in life. He works so hard day and night, that he is observed by a man who runs a chain of restaurants at New York. He absorbs him as the Senior Manager of his restaurant. Immediately after that there are a lot of things that come up and the hotel goes into a huge debt. The owner jumps off the 17th floor in frustration as he couldn’t live up to the bank’s expectations. Abel is really fond of him, so he blames Kane for his death. He is hell bent on taking revenge when Henry Osborne appears out of nowhere in Abel’s life to help him take revenge against Kane.

The story keeps building with a lot of suspense and revenge drama. The story gets an addition of the next generation to it. It then, takes a turn when Kane’s son Richard falls in love with Abel’s daughter Florentina. Both Kane and Abel are furious about it. What happens in the due course? Do they get married or do the parents stop them from going ahead? What happens to Kane and Abel’s hate relationship? Will it ever end or will animosity prevail in the end?

To find out the answers to these questions you MUST read ‘Kane and Abel. It is one awesome book which you cannot afford to miss if you love reading (this is what I realised after reading it). The way Jeffrey Archer writes is something beyond perfection. In addition to that, what I love about this book was the way he has brought out the two characters. He has described them from the beginning of the book in contrast to each other. The circumstances in which they meet and how their hate relationship surfaces and lives all along.

Why are you still here, reading this when you can actually grab the book and start off.

See you soon . . .


Note: The image in this blog post is borrowed from google images.