My First Blog Award

Hey all.. I’m back again in a day- this time with something really different as I promise every time. This unique post wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for MEGHA. My dear friend from Mysore Megha, who is now settled at Singaporehas bestowed upon me ‘Liebster Award’, to encourage me to continue blogging. Megha happens to be one of the awesome bloggers I’ve come across. She blogs at ‘Me in Blogland’ ( TheLiebster Award is an award that exists on the internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The word ‘liebster’ can be traced back to have a German origin. (Liebster means beloved). Liebster Award is an award to a fellow blogger whose attempt at blogging you love. It’s a gesture of encouragement. Thanks Megha for the kind gesture of encouragement.

I have been blogging since February 2013 and the encouragement I’ve got from friends and family with regard the same is astounding. It feels really great to know that people read what you write as a passion and give you feedback on the same. I mostly write reviews on books and recipes I try out generally. I feel overjoyed to know that my friends actually read the books I review about and try out recipes I post. I started off blogging for the passion I’ve for writing. Today, after about 10 plus months it feels great to know that people take some time out of their busy schedule from different parts of the world and get back to me with a positive feedback, every time encouraging me to do something great. Blogging needs a lot of time and effort, mostly a lot of patience. It’s not just that you write something and post it. You need to review what you write as people come to see a piece of your work with a lot of enthusiasm.

This Liebster Award attaches with it a chain. You accept the award given to you and in turn you pass on the same to fellow bloggers whose work you appreciate. The choice lies with the person who gets the award – you either Accept it and pass it on to fellow bloggers, else Ignore it and cut the chain.

The general rules of the Liebster Award are:
*       Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them
*       Display the award on your blog
*       Answer the 10 questions given to you by the person who nominated you and create a list of another 10 questions for your fellow bloggers whom you wish to nominate
*       Choose 5- 11 people for the award – go to their blog and tell them about it
*       No tag backs to the person who nominated you

Here I go answering the 10 questions given by MEGHA to me:
1.     What motivated you to start blogging?
*       My love for writing since childhood is the reason I’m blogging today
2.     Who would you like to be stranded with on a deserted island?
*      With Mayur – the love of my life, of course
3.     Who is your role model?
*       My family! To be specific, my dad – I attribute whatever I am today to him completely
4.     What is your favorite cuisine and why?
*       North Indian Cuisine  – for the tempting taste
5.     If you were free the whole day without any work or family commitments, what would you do?
*       I would prefer treating myself with the pleasure of reading a mystery novel
6.     Which is your favorite television show? 
*       Castle on Star World which I started watching very recently
7.     If you were given a 100$ spending money, who would you spend it on?
*       I would spend exclusively for my family
8.     If you could go back in time and change one event in history, what would it be? 
*       I would not let the India-Pakistan partition happen as hundreds of lives were lost in the event and even to this day we see so many people losing out lives. The value of one’s life is irreplaceable as it is valuable than any precious stone
9.     If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
*       India only – no other place in the world can replace this place for me
10.  What do you think is the most amazing invention that mankind has come up with?
*       It is the laptop/computer – if it wasn’t for this amazing invention I wouldn’t be blogging

Here goes my list for the ‘Liebster Award’ –
2.     Megha Patil –
4.     Swapnil –
5.     Autie and Jen –
6.     Nandita –
7.     Nischala –

In the list above, few of them are friends whom I know personally and the others are the ones whose blog I love reading. Accepting the same is optional. It’s just that you guys have been doing a pretty great job. Here goes the list of questions for you guys:

1.     What made you blog for the first time?
2.     What is your favorite holiday destination?
3.     5 years from now, where would you like to see yourself?
4.     What is one such object without which you do not leave your house?
5.     What is your favorite pastime?
6.     What is your favorite food?
7.     How would you summarize yourself with just three words?
8.     If you are given a chance to change something in your country what would it be?
9.     Which is one such movie which you don’t mind watching 100 times?
10.  One happy memory of your childhood which you cherish even to this day!

Thanks to all who follow my blog and give me continuous feedback.Thanks again Megha for the encouragement. Keep encouraging and I promise that I’ll not disappoint you.

Cheers to all from Vaishnavi!!!