Recipe Time – Kidney Beans Salad (Mexican)

IMG_1703 (1)Hello dear friends!! My previous two posts were about our recent trip to Goa. After that I have been wondering what to write about. I have too many ideas running inside my head simultaneously. It has been quite some time since I posted a recipe. So, here I go.. Being South Indians, most of the days we make South Indian food at home. It’s rice and rasam or rice and sambar, accompanied by some bhaji. My husband is very fussy when it comes to food. He has his set likes and come what may, he will not deviate from it. Whatever happens, he will not eat anything that he doesn’t like. Especially, when it is south Indian food. Hence, every night there are tantrums at our place with respect to food. So, the thing is, if I have to get my husband to eat at home, there should be something interesting which can compete with the yummy outside food. One such day, my laziness took a backseat and I decided to try something different for dinner. We always have a stock of pulses and grains at home and I decided to make some different salad, with a Mexican twist (let me be very clear in the beginning itself, this is not a typical Mexican recipe; I just tried my hand at it by adding various things into it).


1 ½ cups Red Kidney Beans (soaked for at least 10 hours and cooked)

1 Capsicum – sliced

1 Onion – sliced

2 Tomatoes – Sliced

1 cup Sweet Corn (cooked)

Garlic – finely chopped – as per your taste

1 tsp Chili Powder

2 tsp Tex Mex Salsalito Taco Seasoning Mix

1 tbsp Oregano

1 Tbsp Parsley

1 tsp Jeera

1 Lime

Salt as per requirement

Water as per requirement

1 tsp Oil


  • Cook the kidney beans in a cooker and keep it aside
  • In a pan, heat oil and add jeera and fry for a minute
  • Add garlic and onions and fry till transparent
  • Add capsicum and fry until the capsicum changes color
  • Add the sliced tomatoes and fry well
  • Add the sweet corn and cook well
  • Add the cooked kidney beans, chili powder, Oregano, Parsley and the Taco Seasoning and mix well
  • Add salt and water as per your requirement
  • Turn off the stove and squeeze a lime into the salad (add lime as per your taste; I used one whole because we love tangy taste)

This turned out to be a proper Mexican Salad because of the Taco Seasoning Mix. This recipe is a good change from the normal food we eat. Why don’t you try it out too?

Get on your toes fast!!!



Adventures of Goaaa – Part 2

IMG_1172Hi friends!! I’m back with the second part of our Goa Adventures. This post is a continuation of my previous post. I had mentioned in my earlier post that if I start writing I will go on and on and probably, not stop. So, here I am, back once again to give you an account of our Goan Adventure. After visiting the beaches, it was time for us to go to a coffee shop to just unwind and relax. The first time we went to Goa with family, we had gone to one of the CCDs (Café Coffee Days) located in Bambolim. We wanted to go to that particular CCD only.  We had been there on our previous two trips as well. We did not want to miss it. We had hired a two- wheeler. It was a good one- hour journey. We started off at 6 pm from our hotel and reached the CCD at around 7 pm. Our ride was through the highway with construction work going on. We had coffee and just chilled there for about an hour. We left the CCD by 8 pm. While we were on our way the vehicle started making weird noises and just stopped on the highway, in the dark, where the construction work was going on in a full-fledged way. We were too petrified. Yes, Goa is very safe that way. We have been going there every year now and people are very nice. However, it is natural to get petrified when you are stuck on the highway at night. It was pitch black and eerie. We pushed the vehicle for a bit and reached some dimly lit area where there was a small poky restaurant. It looked very shady and it was a Bar cum Restaurant. We weren’t very happy, but did we have a choice? The answer is No. We called up our Hotel and checked if they could send us a car to pick us up in a worse- case scenario. They told they would if the bike guy didn’t have any solution. We then called up the bike provider and my husband spoke to him and requested him to send someone to pick us up and he readily agreed. He told us that we would have to wait for some time. We waited and waited and then, we waited… It was close to an hour and no one had come. We had just taken a Coke to drink at that small restaurant. The waiters were just staring at us, as if asking ‘why the hell are you’ll hanging around here if you aren’t eating anything?’. In fact, one of the waiters came up and asked as well. We couldn’t gather any courage to eat there since it was a veg cum non-veg restaurant. At around 9.30 pm the bike guy sent a car. We were so relieved at the sight of seeing the car, but we weren’t aware that we had more in store for us when we sat in the car. The guy drove the car like a mad man. Yeah, those of you who know Mayur well would probably question me. I agree, he drives fast but this guy was a limit. We were just staring glances at each other, sitting in the back seat and after a point it was so much to take that we literally held on to each other for dear life 😊 . At the end of the day, he somehow got us to our hotel safely in one piece (I agree, it should be two pieces because we were two of us). We grabbed something quickly for dinner and headed straight to sleep since it was too much adventure for the day. I am sure all of you will agree with that.

The next day was again a calm day with not much to do. We decided to go to Benaulim Beach which is again located about 15-20 minutes away from our hotel. We parked ourselves in one of the shacks and just sat there viewing the sunset. It was gorgeous. The sunset is ultimately the same but this beach was completely different from the other two. In the sense that the distance between the shore and the sea was very little. While we sat there watching the sunset, we felt as if the sun was super close to us. We decided to leave by 6.45 pm. There were a lot of shops outside. I went and bought some random stuff there and decided to head back to our hotel.

IMG_1264Sunday was the last day for us to visit beaches as we wanted to keep our Monday relaxed and chilled. We decided to go to Agonda Beach on Sunday morning. It was about 1 hour 10 minutes away from our hotel. We decided to leave by 10.30 pm and we did. It was supremely hot outside and both Mayur and I suffered little sunburn. Once we reached the place after about an hour’s ride, we were so relieved. Thankfully for us there was a small restaurant on the shore which had proper shade. I was sure I would otherwise die of heat stroke. We sat there and had something cold to drink and when my husband when on a photography expedition on the beach, I sat writing my story. Most of my story plots are designed when I’m on a holiday. Agonda Beach is a very peaceful beach with few people here and there and the scenic beauty is something which you’d die for. We enjoyed our visit and then left the beach at about 1 pm. We wanted to go to one particular Harmonium Café located near Agonda for lunch, but unfortunately for us, it was shut and they were going to open it only at 3 pm. It did not make any sense for us to wait until 3. So, we decided to go towards Benaulim Beach. A Dominos Pizza Outlet was situated near there. We decided to grab a pizza or lunch and then just go and relax. By the time we reached the hotel it was 5 pm. We just chilled for the rest of the day.

Monday was more or less our last day in Goa, since we were leaving on Tuesday afternoon. We decided that we will chill doing nothing. Believe me, that is also fun! You should also sometimes try doing nothing.

Hope this post and the preceding one helps you plan a nice trip to Goa in the upcoming days.