Our Favourite Holiday Destination Goa

IMG_0728Hello!! I am back. . . Instead of giving a detailed description of our travel, I will break up the places we’ve visited and give individual place reviews. It makes more sense and it is easier for you guys to read as well. Goa is our favourite hangout place. Who doesn’t like Goa! Goa is everyone’s favourite destination to just chill and enjoy. We’ve been there now a couple of times. We have a few favourite places there. We do not mind going there again and again.

One of the few places which features in the list of our favourites is the Cola Beach. We found out about this beach on the internet. It was in the list of the secret beaches of Goa. The first time we went to Cola Beach, we had hire a two-wheeler from the hotel (situated in the South of Goa). The beach was about two hours away from the hotel. We kept following the google maps. We were about ten minutes away from the beach and google was insisting that we take a right turn. The turn seemed very unlikely because we couldn’t see any road. It was a mud road which was super narrow and it was very uneven. We did not know how we will cross that. We found it really unlikely for any beach to be locate there. I, in fact, told my husband that we should turn back. He did not want to give up. He told we will go a little ahead and see. The path was very interesting. It was a mud road, filled with stones and completely uneven. We are still not sure how we managed to cross that. We rode for about ten minutes and found a widespread land. We went a little further and then we were shocked to see what was there in front of us. We could see water below the cliff. We were mesmerised to see that. We have never seen blue coloured water anywhere in India and the beach was situated below the cliff.

This was really a wow moment for us. We were then trying to figure out how to get down the cliff to reach the beach. The path was really a difficult one. You had to climb down a few rocks and then, get down the steep stairs. We somehow managed to do it. The beach was really mesmerising. We went around the entire place and found it to be very silent and clean. We did not see many people on the beach except for a few foreigners. We went around the place and took a lot of pictures. We, then, sat own on the beach quietly to enjoy the waves. We spent about an hour or so of calm and serene nature.

The beach became so dear to us, that we went back to the same place when we went this 16195622_10154139979296440_4609146041898506694_ntime. We had taken the car this time. So, reaching the beach was a little more difficult. We somehow managed to reach. This time the path to get down the cliff had changed. There were a lot of changes that were made. They had a man-made pool where we found a lot of people and kids playing. This time when we went the beach was very noisy. There were a lot of people. It was not as calm as it was during our previous visit. We were to some extent disappointed, but we were happy that we went. We also found an over friendly doggie who posed with us for something which turned out to be an epic selfie.

When you go on your next visit to Goa, I suggest you should go to this beach.



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