My Bitter Sweet Experience with Uber

New-Logo-Vertical-DarkHi friends!!! I am two days late this week. It’s been a long time since I blogged generally. It has always been either some recipe or some book review. I hope you guys are enjoying what I am coming up with. I will slowly improve and do a lot more things in the coming days. Life has become so easy for everybody with Uber and Ola these days. I remember the days when one would struggle finding a cab. Uber and Ola have surely been a boon to metro cities where commuting from one place to another in normal cabs would not only be strenuous but also super expensive due to heavy traffic. It has, surely, been more than a year now since I have started using Uber for my commute to places little far off in Mumbai. Before Uber I used to rely on Ola and Meru. They were pretty good too, but not as efficient and fast as Uber at least in Mumbai.

Mumbai is a really huge city. The transportation here is the best we can find in any of the Indian cities. You can hop into a cab or a rickshaw (excepting for people living in South Mumbai) or a train or bus or even metro (only in the suburbs). The Kaali Peeli cabs and the trains being the famous out of the lot. You can confidently step out of your place and hop into a kaali peeli and get to your destination at ease, but there have been times when your kaali peeli drivers refuse to come to certain locations (the farther the destination the better for them). It causes a lot of inconvenience because at times when you’re in a hurry, you end up being in a fix. There have been times when I have stepped out of the house after 6 pm and none of the cabs which passed by me have accommodated me. That is when your Uber comes to your rescue. I started using Uber for this reason.

The first time I took an Uber to my husband’s office which is about an hour’s drive from home (sometimes more than that during peak hours), I was astonished. The price was really reasonable. We started using Uber often after that. The discount we were being given was like an icing on the cake. Everything went well up to a certain time. After that I started facing a few problems. Once when I was to be picked up from Chembur at 10.30 am, I booked an Uber. While I was waiting for him to pick us up, on the App I saw that guy had taken the wrong route. I immediately called him up and told him that he was going the wrong way. He then told that since he has already gone the wrong way, he cannot come back. I had to cancel my ride. I booked another one. The second guy was almost near my location, but for some reason he wasn’t able to figure out where to head. I gave him the directions on the phone, but he somehow couldn’t get it. I cancelled the ride and booked another one. The third time it got a little ridiculous because the guy picked us up from our location but he wasn’t able to start the trip as the location was not matching. We had to get out of the cab and cancel it. I booked the fourth one. Finally, the guy came to the location and picked us up.

After heading home, the first thing I did was try to give a complaint. I put up a complaint on the app, but there was no point doing it. They did not respond. I tried to search for a Customer Care number for Uber India where I could call up and personally give my complaint, but I did not find any. Since I faced the problem for the first time, I ignored it. The inconvenience I faced that day was something which cannot be explained.

The second time I had a problem with Uber was at Chennai. We wanted an Uber to drop us off at the airport. I booked one and our relative helped us with the directions. The driver told he understood and in the next five minutes, he cancelled the ride. I booked another one. The guy told he will make it, but did not for about fifteen minutes. We were to reach the airport. So, we cancelled the ride and we were charged for the same. I placed a complaint on the app but in vain.

The third time I had an issue was recently. We were five of us and we were to return home after dinner at 11.30 pm. So, while returning we had to book an Uber XL and we booked one. I could see that the guy was completing his previous trip. It showed on the app that he would take fifteen minutes. We waited for like more than twenty minutes but there was no sign. I tried calling him up like a billion times but his phone was not reachable. I, then, cancelled the ride and booked another one. The guy was about five minutes away from our location. I called up to direct him. He told me at 12 in the night that he can’t pick us up. I was really angry this time. I fired him. I asked him why he accepted my ride if he wasn’t interested in picking us up. He didn’t have an answer. He was very rude. I did not want to waste my time at that time of the night arguing with him. I wanted to just get out of the place at the earliest. So, we looked for two normal cabs.

What I would like to bring out in this post of mine is that there should be some route for us to contact the Uber Customer Care to give complaints. The lodging of complaints on the App and waiting for their response has not worked out at least for me. These matters should be taken care of and sorted because if it continues this way, I’m sure Uber will lose its sheen very soon. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has had this experience.

Though I have had an excellent experience with Uber, these incidents make me think twice before I book one at night or when I am in a hurry to get somewhere. What will be the difference between the kaali peeli cabs and Uber, if the Uber drivers start becoming arrogant?

With this bitter sweet experience, I leave this platform open for all of you to share your experiences with me.


Note: The logo has been borrowed from the Internet



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