My Review on Jasminn By Mango (Hotel), Goa

vaHey friends! The title itself suggests that it is a hotel review this time. This is something which I’ve been waiting to write. When we first went to Goa in November 2015, we were searching for a hotel to stay at. We weren’t sure which one to take a chance with. We were four of us (mom, sister, hubby and me). We were going to spend the entire day outdoors. So, we didn’t want to stay at a place which is super expensive as we would not make use of any of the facilities (we were going to be back at the hotel for sleep only). I was browsing through a list of hotels on trip advisor and that is when I found Jasminn by Mango Hotels situated at Salcette, the southern part of Goa. The hotel matched our requirement and we decided to take a chance. We went for it.

We were really scared about how the hotel would turn out to be, since we had had a very funny experience the same year at Chennai. We were very particular about the hygiene and stuff. The road leading us to the hotel creeped us out further. It seemed very isolated. After we reached we realised that the hotel was quite appreciable. It looked very appealing. We were hoping that the rooms were neat and clean too. Believe me, it, really, was well maintained. We weren’t there the entire time, so we weren’t exposed much to their service, but, whatever time we spent, we felt the service was pretty good. We had a very nice and pleasant stay.

The next time when my husband and I planned our Goa trip we decided to stay at Jasminn. This was in February 2016. This time were going to stay for a week. We decided to negotiate for a good meal plan as we were sure we wouldn’t go anyway far at night as we had taken the bus to Goa. We hired the two-wheeler at the hotel for commuting. We spent a reasonable amount of time in the hotel as well; that is when we realised that their service was also very good, be it room service or housekeeping. The lunch and dinner at the Café attached to the hotel was delicious (though we found the breakfast to be very ordinary). We still remember the guy, Shriram who served us daily at the restaurant. He was so enthusiastic about his work that we were really impressed. He saw us daily for about six days and then, on the seventh day he got the chef to make Gajar ka Halwa for us as he realised that we were tired of their dessert options (it was either ice cream or gulab jamun). The other person about whom we have to mention here is the Guest Service Leader at Jasminn, Sherry. She made sure our stay was very comfortable and pleasant.

The third time we planned to go to Goa (that is, this year in January) we were sure about Jasminn. We were in for a shock when we realised that the hotel was full. We requested them to somehow provide us a room for a week. We, then, got in touch with Sherry. She, promptly, provided us with the best. This time our trip was more for relaxation, so we spent a considerable amount of time in the hotel. We made use of most of the facilities provided. We used the swimming pool and the activity centre (I guess, we were the first ones to use it). Sherry made sure that our stay with them for a week was a very pleasant one.

After being here three times, I can very confidently say that if you’re visiting Goa, do not hesitate to stay here. The location is amazing. It is very calm and peaceful. It is located in the interiors, which mostly houses the Goan residents. There is no commotion around you.

I would like to give a four-star rating for this place.

Planning to go to Goa anytime soon? Go ahead and book your stay here.

I will be back soon…

Till then, Cheers!!!


2 thoughts on “My Review on Jasminn By Mango (Hotel), Goa

  1. Thanks for this Vaishnavi
    I am planning on 11 to 15th august with family
    Did not know where to stay
    Now this one also comes in the consideration list
    Will also ask you or Mayur what to do in Goa

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