My Review on Danielle Steel’s ‘Power Play’

imagesHey I’m back! Yeah, I know I do this very often nowadays. I don’t blog for months and then, suddenly I pop up. It’s just plain and simple, I’ve become super lazy. A wave suddenly hit me today and so here I am! In the past few months, I’ve been reading a lot. However, I’ve written very little (or not written at all). I’ve become a huge fan of Danielle Steel. I started off with one of her books ‘Sunset at St. Tropez’ three months ago and didn’t stop after that. Here I am today, three months later with a review of her book ‘Power Play’ which is probably the eighth book I’ve read in a span of two months which is not normal for me. I generally read about 10-12 books in a year. I can’t stop reading her books!

Power Play is a book about CEOs, their Corporate World and their personal relationships. It starts off with the life of Fiona, a CEO who has done very well for herself in her career. She is a very dedicated and hardworking single mother who balances both work and family life excellently. She always makes sure to be there for her kids whenever they need her. In the past, her relationship with her husband was deteriorating by the day. Their ideas clashed and she struggled to save her marriage for long and in the end, she gave up. She’s in no mood to date anyone or settle down with anyone as she’s happy the way things are for her.

Miles away from Fiona is Marshall, who is a CEO of another company. He is also doing really well in his job. He has a lawyer wife, Liz who has quit her job to take care of her family. Everything is happy in their paradise. Liz is a perfect wife. He has two sons and a daughter. His wife works part time for an NGO as kids have grown up and the sons are away studying stationed in different cities. Marshall’s work requires him to travel to L.A two to three days a week. Everything is going great until Marshall finds himself in the midst of a scandal which is going to ruin his career. How will he handle it? Will he ever come out of it?

The book is filled with the day to day activities of the Corporate World. I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone, that is the reason why I’m giving a gist of what to expect in the book. The way she writes is something which pulled the strings for me. She brings out in a subtle way the difference between Fiona and Marshall. The way the characters are inter connected though they stay miles apart is really commendable.

I finished this book in about a week’s time. I couldn’t put it down.  I generally take at least fifteen days to finish one. It keeps you hooked on. The way Danielle Steel describes her characters is something really amazing. The description she gives of every single character will actually transport you away from this world.  With only so much to say, I would give about 4.5 stars for this book and leave the rest for you to read and figure out.

Why are you still here, just go and grab a copy for yourself and start off!