Yay! I’m Three Years Old……

44f748c238f992ad6242c46451516a42Hi friends… Before I can start off with anything else, let’s celebrate… My Space turns three today… I never thought I would continue this so long. I still remember the day when I randomly jumped into the World of blogging. My love for writing got me into this beautiful world. At that point I wanted to write something, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write. That was when I decided to blog. I didn’t have many topics to blog on.  My only interest apart from writing at that time was reading. I used to read a lot of novels. So I decided to jump into the big blogging world by giving reviews of the various novels.

After having given a few reviews and posting some general blog posts, I decided to take a plunge into posting recipes. I got a very good feedback for the same and you can see that I’ve continued with the same. After that I’ve introduced a lot of new topics in My Space. Hopefully, I will come up with a few new ones in the near future.

As I mentioned earlier, I never thought of reaching three years of blogging. It has been possible with all your support.  I have always received feedbacks and that is an encouragement to write more. As you all might be aware, I wrote my first long-short story last year for an International Competition. With your support, I was able to Rank 18 worldwide. I am looking forward to your support and encouragement in whatever I write in the days to come. Whatever it is, I will never stop blogging.

Without talking a lot (like I always do), I would like to thank all of you, once again for the support and encouragement.

Keep visiting My Space.. I promise to keep it interesting.