My Review on ‘Come Easy- Go Easy’ by James Hadley Chase

7377_original_1Hi friends!! Finally, winter has set in. It’s so exciting to have a cool and pleasant weather instead of the hot and sweaty one. This is a very apt time for one to read mystery novels. Nothing can beat a James Hadley Chase novel! After deciding to become a member of a library for about a year, finally I enrolled myself. I am so happy that I did it. In the past two months or so, I have been able to read some really good mystery novels. I’ve always loved books written by James Hadley Chase. They are of a different category all together. The suspense in his books and the way in which he unfolds the mystery is something out of the world. One of the books which I read recently was ‘Come Easy- Go Easy’.

If you really love reading thrilling novels, then James Hadley Chase is a must try. Moving on to the review of the book Come Easy- Go Easy! It is about a guy, Chet Carson who is employed with the Lawrence Safe Corporation, a company which makes safes. He is an expert in opening safes. In the course of his duties he comes across a guy whose safe is loaded with money which Chet had not seen in his life together so far. He describes about it to his friend Roy. His friend suggests that they should break into the guy’s house. Chet hesitates, but then considering his poor financial condition agrees. On their mission, Roy almost kills the guy and Chet gets caught. He doesn’t reveal Roy’s name in the court and decides to face the punishment himself. The prison conditions are really bad. He makes a plan to escape and succeeds.

He happens to, by chance, meet this guy who owns a service station cum lunch place at a place called Point of No Return. He offers Chet a job. Obviously, Chet doesn’t reveal his real identity. He gets caught in a threesome. The wife of the owner finds out about his past and threatens him to reveal his identity if he doesn’t break open the locker for her. He doesn’t want to cheat the owner as he is a very sweet person. What follows is something which will keep you glued. I will not reveal anything more than this because the thrill of reading it is something which cannot be explained.

If at all you get an opportunity, you should read this book.

See you seen, with something different.

Till then, Cheers!!!


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