Travel Diaries I – My first trip to North India Part 3-Manali

IMG_20150119_133125Hi friends! It’s been more than a month since I blogged. So here I am with my blog post after a long time. How’s monsoon treating you? I’m sure it’s been awesome at some parts, but, however, I am disappointed with this year’s monsoon back here at Mumbai. Yes, it did rain heavily initially and the monsoon was in full swing, but unfortunately, for a very short time. Yeah, it has started off again! And that’s surely great news. Without complaining let’s enjoy what the weather has to surprise us with, with a smile on our face!

Coming to my blog posts, as I already mentioned, it has been quite some time now since I blogged last. So I thought it would be apt for me to continue with the Travel Diaries. This post is a continuation of the previous post – Travel Diaries I – My First Trip to North India Part 2- Manali. My previous post was about our Bus journey from Chandigarh to Manali and also about the Log Huts. Moving on from the previous post, I will take you through our stay at Manali. The day we reached Manali it was very late in the evening. It was almost eight thirty at night. We couldn’t do anything much that day as it was freezing outside. Our so called adventures started only the next day. My husband randomly decided to give me a surprise. And while I was busy unpacking inside he was talking to the manager of the Log Huts about places we can visit in and around Manali. I didn’t pay much head to it because I didn’t know what we were doing that day.

While we were having breakfast I realized that we were going to Solang Valley. I was super excited. This was the first time ever I was going to see real snow!  Just cannot explain in words what it felt like. We quickly got ready. They had arranged a cab for us and we left by around 11.30 am. On the way the taxi driver told us that we had to stop at one of the many shops on the roadside and pick up snow clothes.  We chose one of the shops and got jumpers and rubber shoes and other skiing stuff for our adventure. We then reached Solang Valley. Oh My God! What a place. It was like heaven on earth for me. We found quite a lot of people here at the Solang Valley in contrast to what we saw in Manali. We didn’t find that many tourists at Manali as it was off season and it was freezing.  I would suggest that you go in this season that is sometime between December and February. It would be the best time to visit Manali and the surrounding areas as it is not crowded.

We did quite a lot of things in Solang Valley. We first had hot Maggi and Masala Chai which was being served. As we ate there were people who were coming and coaxing us to get our photo in the typical Manali costumes. We first hesitated and then decided to go for it. We had a photographer who by force with his skills got himself tagged to us. He went on clicking pictures while my husband and I posed for him. He got too excited when he came to know that we’re from Mumbai and made us pose for him in some typical Bollywood poses.

After that we tried our hand at skiing. My husband did a great job, while I couldn’t do much. I was damn scared. We were given our personal guide at the shop where we got our snow clothes. He helped do about two rounds. My husband did it multiple times and he almost became an expert in it.  After skiing it was our turn to go on super fast ride on the snow mobil. It was too good. The guy drove the mobil so fast that I could feel myself flying high in the sky.

After the small adventures we had, then was the time for us to climb as far as we could. We started climbing the snow clad small mountains (I would call it a mountain because it was elevated, though not a big one). The photographer walked along with us and showed us around. He took us to the highest peak which was not yet explored by any other guide/photographer and gave us few of our best clicks. For the first time I felt the virgin snow. It was really soft. We played in the snow like crazy. We then walked down towards the place where we had kept our baggage with our guide. While alighting, the photographer told us to slide down the small peak.  I was dead scared, but somehow managed to do it.

We walked around the place for a long time. We didn’t realize the time until we actually got into the car. It was nearly 3.30 pm. We then left Solang Valley with a lot of memories. We reached our log hut by 4, after returning our snow clothes and shoes. At eight that night we had a special camp fire right in front of our hut. It was really amazing. The camp fire in the freezing weather was something which we actually yearned for. Altogether it was an amazing experience – the first ever snow experience.

I will soon come back with the next adventure of Manali.

Till then, Cheers!!!!