A Tribute to my Grand Mom on her Birthday

V1Hi friends! It is July already! Don’t you feel that time is racing really fast? I just can’t believe that we are actually half way through 2015 already. Of late I haven’t written a proper blog post as I was busy promoting my first short story. After having sealed the 18th position worldwide in the International Short Story Contest I am back again. My post this time is dedicated to my grand mom – my dad’s mom (the title says it all, I know).  I have been waiting to put up this post for quite some time now, but I had not found the time apt though. There could not be a time more apt than today, as it happens to be her birth day!

I was born at the time when there were no small kids running around at home. My cousins had all grown up with the youngest of them being somewhere around six. It was the time when everyone at home enjoyed being around a kid. I got all the attention (yeah, of course I am not complaining about it). I can’t list out what my grand mom has done for me. I was literally the one always behind her of all her grand children. I started talking when I was just nine months old (that is even before I started walking). So you can imagine how talkative I have been in my childhood (OK OK, I agree that I am talkative even now).

I was born in Mysore. So from the day I was born I was like attached to my grand mom literally. She would feed, put me to sleep etc. I remember my mom telling me that I used to sleep with her and trouble the crap out of her at night as I was always suffering from cough and cold as a kid (sigh). Without ever complaining about not having proper sleep at night she would take care of me. I would cough onto her, vomit on her in the middle of the night, but she would clean me up and put me to sleep without being irritated. What would I do without her! When I now think, I realize that I have got this quality from her – patience. Whatever happens, however frustrating the situation is, I am always the one who waits for the storm to calm down in patience. Of course, she was of a different level. I surely don’t have that much patience!

Though she belonged to a different century all together, I just love the way she adapted herself to the changed era! I was at times surprised to find my mom and aunts more old fashioned than her. Whenever she went out of town to her daughters’ place she would make it a point to get me something. And I have been astonished my entire life, to see that she always got me jeans and top, unlike any other person from that generation. My mom has most of the times got me salwar, but I never remember my grand mom getting me salwar. She always encouraged me to wear jeans and capris, while my aunts would tease her for allowing me wear it. I have had friends, who always told me how modern my grand mom was! I would feel so proud.

Like how in any relationship we have fights, I have also had my share of fights with her. But I was so protected and taken care of by her that I couldn’t just imagine how my life would have been without her. I am sure I wouldn’t have been the person I am today, if it wasn’t for her. As she put the right values in my dad, my dad was able to feed those values into me. So if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been what I am today.

After being literally brought up by her, I am sure she also had the desire of seeing my marriage. Being nothing less than a mother to me, she would have had such a desire too, but she never uttered a word about it. She always told ‘when the right time comes; you will find a person who is destined to be with you’. And when I found the man of my dreams, her joys had no bounds. She participated in all our wedding rituals with a big smile on her face though she knew that I wouldn’t be there hanging around her all time narrating all my stories.

After marriage, I made it a point to speak to her on a daily basis because I knew that no one, not even my parents, would be able to fill the empty space for her back home after I came to Mumbai. Such was our relationship. She lived exactly, one half months after the wedding. I never expected that she would receive that call from heaven so soon. But at the same time, I am happy to have given the biggest joy (our wedding) to her before she left for her heavenly abode. She lived as though waiting for our marriage! I am sure wherever she is, she will always shower her blessings to us and I am sure that she is happy to see me happy and all adjusted to my fast life at Mumbai. I am really grateful to my husband for not even thinking twice and immediately deciding to fly to Mysore, when he heard the news of my grand mom’s death. I was able to see her for the one last time before her last journey.

How many ever births I have post this one, I would always want to be born as your granddaughter. Hope you will fulfill this wish of mine.

Love you and wish you a very Happy Birthday.


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