My First Attempt at writing a Short Fiction Story

Hi friends!! You all must have been wondering that my blog, My Space, has been put to deep slumber by me, but it is not so. I was busy with one of the things which I love doing the most – Writing!! I was taking my passion to the next level by trying my hand at writing a story. It was for a contest which I came across. I wanted to try something different, so I went ahead and registered and started off. It took me about four and a half months to finish the book and then, type it. I must mention here, that I received full support from my in laws and husband. Every single person at home proof read my story completely to make sure it is free of errors as much as possible. It might though have some mistakes which could have been overlooked. So friends, why don’t you read it once and let me know how it is? I am open for any improvements that need to be incorporated. Go through the story and that will help me in two ways – one by helping me improve, of course, and make me be a better writer and second as it was mainly written for a contest it will improve my stats for the contest as well.

So please rush and read it and tell me how it is!


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