Happy Second Birthday…


Hi guys… Yay! I don’t have any other expression than this today as it’s My Space’s second birthday. I couldn’t get more excited than this. I still remember the moment I started blogging. It all happened all of a sudden. I was just so passionate about writing that I wanted to do something related to it. One day while I was just thinking what interesting thing I can do that is going to make me happy as well I found the idea of blogging. What is more interesting than writing something and making it reach the masses as well? I didn’t ponder over it for long; it was put into action immediately. I started blogging on Blogspot. And slowly on My Space’s first birthday last year I shifted my blog to WordPress (the best thing I ever did). It’s not that Blogspot was not good; it was just that WordPress gave me much more options of personalization than Blogspot and now I am super happy about how WordPress works. Very soon I am going to come out with something more than blogging (I’ve been working on it for quite some time now, once it reaches perfection I’ll be out with it). It will be an extension to my currently existing blog.
I had to come up with this birthday post yesterday as my blog turned two yesterday. We had double celebration yesterday because of which I couldn’t make it. We completed 8 months of our marriage as well. The icing on the cake was the weather of Mumbai. After the past few days of scorching heat we had an awesome weather accompanied by rain. Could I ask for anything more!
I started blogging because I wanted to write something, as my passion for writing wasn’t letting me sit quietly. But I never knew when I started off that my blog would play the role of cupid in my marriage. My husband, who barely knew me then, just happened to chance upon my blog. He was really impressed by one of the first blog posts I made. He told me about this after marriage. Most of the times when I feel lazy to blog, he motivates me to get back to blogging. I’ve now made it a point to blog regularly as I’m now more or less set in my routine and I can surely make some time in between to blog on My Space which has been my companion to reach all of you over the past two years. I’m also very happy to have in laws (especially my mom in law and sister) who are equally interested in my blog. They, like my husband, make sure that I’m not letting My Space go to sleep for too long. I know I’m picking up the momentum of my posts slowly. But now I will make sure to get the earlier momentum going. I will come up with at least one post a week. After I’m set in this momentum for a bit, I will come up with two posts a week and so on. I will surely take My Space to the next level in the coming few days.
Those of you’ll who have been following me will have a pretty good idea of the topics I used to blog about before and the new topics I’ve introduced, of late. I want to build up on these lines and take my blog to the next level. And to do that I need most importantly your support guys. I hope I will get it from you! For a writer (blogger) nothing in the world can be greater than the audience who both appreciate and criticize. And they are the ones who will take you to new heights.
So please join me in wishing My Space a very Happy Birthday! Let’s come together and promise to celebrate many more years of association through My Space!!!
Thank you guys! See you soon.
Till then, Cheers!!!!