Travel Diaries I – My first trip to North India Part 1-Chandigarh

IMG_20150117_145944Hello friends.. Just when I was thinking that a brand New Year is here again, I can see that the brand New Year is racing fast ahead of time. 24 hours is just not sufficient or me (I’m sure all of you feel the same as well). The plans I have for a single day somehow doesn’t match against the total time available (Ok, I sound like a CA now). I’ve tried various ways of utilizing time, but somehow I’m not able to race with time. Just because time is racing, I will not give up. I will match up to it at some point of time at least. Every New Year comes along with so many new things and new experiences; in the same way my New Year is filled with so many new things and new experiences. One of them is travelling. After marriage I’ve travelled quite a lot. Thanks to my hubby. My first trip ever to the Northern part of India happened this year when we went to Chandigarh, Manali and Kasol in January. Let me keep this post exclusively for Chandigarh as I’ve loads to share.

When we were planning our trip to Manali we decided to take the Chandigarh route instead of Delhi route. I must mention that it was the best thing we did because the period during which we planned our trip was the peak winter season and knowing the winter in North India, most of the flights and trains from Delhi were either cancelled or delayed. We flew to Chandigarh from Mumbai without any hassle and spent one day there as our bus to Manali was the next morning. We reached Chandigarh at 12.30 pm and by the time we checked in to our hotel it was 1.30 pm. Everybody told us to have lunch at Pal Dhaba, which is like supposed to be the ultimate at Chandigarh, and I must agree that it was really delicious.

The city has a beauty in itself. As most of you’ll know, it is a planned city and the idea of having the city divided properly into sectors really delighted me. I was amazed to see it; except for the traffic we got stuck in for a while (getting stuck in traffic is not something new to us Mumbaikars). But otherwise, I really liked every single thing in the city. The driver who dropped us to the hotel from the airport was really a very nice guy. We were following the Google Maps to reach the hotel. There was some glitch on the part of Google there, and the driver pointed that out and took us to the right place. How pleasant could that be to start our journey with!

As we were going to Chandigarh for the first time, we were told to visit few places there by friends and family, the famous spots being Sukna Lake, Rock Garden and Rose Garden. When we enquired, we got to know that Sukna Lake was shut since the past 2-3 months. So immediately we decided to go to Rock Garden which was just few minutes away from Pal Dhaba.

The first sight of the Rock Garden was like Wow! It is something just outside this world. It took about 2 and half hours for us to just go around there. Nek Chand’s creativity just brims out in the place. We just couldn’t believe our eyes. It is one such place which nobody can afford to miss when you visit Chandigarh. We didn’t realize how time flew. We spent so much of time at Rock Garden that we had to skip the idea of Rose Garden. Chandigarh was also not less in terms of cold. The place was actually getting us prepared for our next destination. It is an awesome place to visit, so please do not miss it.

So guys, hope you like this new section on my blog. Enjoy this and I will be back very soon..