My Date with Movies

Hi friends!!! The New Year is right here.. I just can’t believe it’s already been almost a month. Oh My God, time runs so fast I tell you. It’s going ridiculously fast, I mean. There are always certain things you’d love to do at a certain point of time in your life. Me being me, I would love to do something crazy or probably craziest. When I turn back to see the year 2014 that just passed by, I have done so many crazy things. One of them being, watching as many movies as possible. When I say as many movies as possible, I literally mean it. I have seen 34 movies in the past 7 months. I mean it when I say I have done the craziest things on earth. Which other topic would be most suitable than this one! I can give you a glimpse of which movies worth the watch you’ve missed out and which are those which were worth missing out. Few of the 34 movies which I’ve seen that have created a place forever in my brain have been taken up in this post, so that I can give you reasons why you should either watch it or avoid it.

To begin the review, I would first like to categorize the movies under three heads:

  • Very Good, Must Watch
  • Reasonably Good
  • Avoidable

There are quite a few movies that fall under the Must Watch category. I was really impressed with these movies, I must say. Let me just run through those must watch movies:

Gone Girl – It’s an amazing movie. You just can’t predict what’s actually in store for you. You expect something to happen and the plot and story is something completely different from what you expect. That is what gives the wow feel.

The Hundred Foot Journey – One such movie which will actually make you follow your heart and take up your passion to great heights.

The Grand Budapest Hotel – The British humor in the movie brings the movie on to the must watch category.

The Guardians of the Galaxy – What can I say about this movie! We were waiting to watch this movie for long, somehow we couldn’t. But in the nth moment we just ran and I must say, what a movie- an amazing one.

The Judge – It was one of the serious movies. But Robert Downey Jr’s acting is something worth the watch. The storyline, though very serious, actually moves you.

Big Hero 6 – One of the cutest animated movies. The way Baymax is built and taken about in the movie is quiet interesting.

The Penguins of the Madagascar – Again it is a cute animated movie. Sometimes, I feel, these cute animated movies are far better than the others.

Now, moving on to the reasonably good or one time watch movies:

The Maze Runner – A pretty decent movie – where people are by force brought together in a place and are forced to find their way out of what is called the Maze. If you like adventure movies, it is the one for you.

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death- Again, a onetime watch ghost movie. It’s not as scary as a ghost movie is supposed to be, but surely a decent movie. It doesn’t disappoint you. The story line is well framed.

Unbroken – It is a typical enemy attack movie. A decent one time watch movie, though it is basically on the very serious lines. Few parts in the movie actually make you feel yuck, but still it’s worth a onetime watch.

Lucy – This movie revolves around an awesome plot. Quiet a decent one to watch if you like sci fi movies.

The last category, as one would guess, is the avoidable ones. I don’t even have to give the gist as it is worth forgetting about the same. I’ll just mention a few of them which were hilarious and stupid beyond belief (hilarious in sarcasm).

The Babadook – It was supposed to be a horror movie but what a disappointment. It was like a comedy movie with everyone at the movie bursting out in laughter for its stupidity.

The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Part I – The heroine was the biggest disappointment here. She, being the Mockingjay had a very sad and always crying like look on the face.

Two Night Stand – It was supposed to be a romantic movie. As we always bond over horror movies, my husband and I thought we should give romantic movies a try too. But man, what a disappointment! I just can’t explain the disappointment.

And amongst others our famous Bollywood movies also take a place with their stupidity and their lack of story. Few amongst these great ones being Bobby Jasoos, Khoobsurat, Bang Bang and Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania.

So this has been my date with the movies. Hope you guys enjoy the walk through of few of the movies which were released in the past 7 months.

See you’ll soon again. Till then, Cheers!!!!!