My Review on ‘Gone Girl’

imagesHello friends! How’s life been treating you so far! I’ve stayed off my blog for quite some time now. I feel guilty to even apologize because I keep doing it. With dussehra and deepavali around, I was enjoying my tour as such. By the time I got back to my routine I was held up with certain other things which is why I couldn’t make it to My Space for so long. But now that I’m here, I hope to rock as before. I have a list of topics to blog about as I’ve had a pretty much adventurous one and half months. After a lot of thinking, I’m bouncing back with a movie review post – movie which one cannot afford to miss. As such after marriage I’ve been seeing lot of movies (at least my dad thinks so, because every other day I tell him that I saw a movie). In one such movie we saw in September, we came across the trailer of this movie ‘Gone Girl’. We weren’t that shocked or thrilled to see the trailer. We thought it is one such disturbing movie. Last weekend, when we were browsing to check out the movies, we saw it. But we didn’t seem that keen because the picture we had in our mind with respect to the movie was a quite disturbing one. However, when we checked out the reviews we were amazed. The reviews the movie received was something outstanding. The next moment we decided that we shouldn’t miss it. That, I think, was the best decision ever, because mark me, the movie was worth hundred stars.

I just can’t recollect what I need to mention about because the movie is a perfect watch in every aspect. The direction is like astounding. The way the script takes you from the start to end is something out of this world. It’s like expect the unexpected! The story initially is about a man’s search for his missing wife. It keeps you occupied initially with the usual police investigation after the wife goes missing. Somewhere, after sometime completely into the movie you will get the feel of a guilty husband hiding something plot. Is the wife missing or is she dead or was she killed by the husband? The ideas that keep rolling in your mind ne after the other is like a great exercise to your mind. But ultimately, are you right in what you thought! You will just keep guessing what’s happening, but you will not be able to decipher the plot unless the director unveils it to you. When the secret is unearthed you will be left wondering. We couldn’t have found a better movie to watch, on a lazy Saturday night.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been seeing a lot of movies. Of all the movies I’ve seen till date, this is one such movie which left me gaped. It’s an absolute fantastic thriller. At least do not miss this. I would probably not miss such a movie. The direction, I must say, is something out of the world. In other words, it’s a perfect thriller movie with an awesome script and direction. Instead of thinking twice, I would suggest you guys just rush to see it, as it is worth every penny.

I’ve chosen not to write much about the movie’s story line because it is a suspense thriller. I don’t want to; by mistake also reveal anything that will let the plot go lose. Believe me, it is an amazing movie. The actors Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike have done a brilliant job. Just rush to watch it and enjoy the thriller unfold slowly.

Women, I must mention will be one happy lot after watching this movie (smile, smile). Whatever this statement means!!!! Keep guessing..



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