A Walk at Night on Marine Drive

IMG-20141121-WA0004Hi friends! Hope everything is going great at your end. Over the past few months I have been writing (quite irregularly, I know) about a variety of things rather than the monotonous book reviews. Out of the variety of topics, one of the topics I would love build upon is my Mumbai Diaries. I would love to develop my writing mainly on this topic because it is something which comes straight from my experience of seeing the different places of Mumbai. It is an out of the world experience for me as I am from Mysore, the city known for its pleasant weather and the silence (of course, with all cities being developed, Mysore is also not left behind. It is not that silent as it used to be. But when compared to Mumbai, yes, it is!). This piece of My Space would be much more useful for people who visit (or plan to visit) Mumbai for the first time. Last time, My Mumbai Diaries post was out and out for girls/women, with shopping as the theme! This time it is completely different.
The first time I came to Mumbai was after my marriage. I knew about the city and was told by everyone that it is completely different from Mysore and I also agree that it is. Every city has its own charm. The traffic here always baffled me initially. Now I am so used to it that I don’t get surprised anymore if I find some 100 cars stranded on the road at 12 am. Out of the many places I have visited at Mumbai, one of my favorites is the Marine Drive (I mean, how can it not be anybody’s favorite). My husband took me to Marine Drive for the first time at around 7 in the morning, a week after our wedding. I could see the place buzz with morning activities. That didn’t surprise me that time. It was like any other place for me. However, I just liked the place for its scenic beauty, the calmness and the breeze that occasionally brushes across your face. After that visit, I’ve never again been there to sit and enjoy the morning breeze, but have gone past it many times (I have lost count of it). I was never aware of the night time atmosphere of the Marine Drive until recently, when I saw it and was really surprised. We started going for a night time walk at Marine Drive once in a while. That is, when I observed a lot of things.
IMG-20141121-WA0003What can I say about my observations! First time, when I went there at night, I didn’t get surprised because we walked for a bit and just sat to enjoy the cool breeze. I saw a lot of people sitting by the side and relaxing. I could see people of all age groups enjoying and relaxing at the same time. It was like any other place for you – one could see couples (both young and old), families, friends and small children – all at 10 at night. My next visit was the one I was completely surprised about. Whilst we were walking I could see a lot of people enjoying as always. But as we started walking further and further I could see vendors selling small light snacks. What is unusual about it, one might ask! Nothing is unusual but the business idea of a small street vendor teaches a lot. In the dark it is obvious that nobody would be able to see what the vendor is selling. So the guy had a small LED light falling directly on his snack items that were for sale. It might not be new to people here, but for me it was a different sight altogether. I could see another vendor shouting ‘chai-coffee, chai- coffee’ at another end – all at 11.30 at night.
All of us in our family are crazy about movies. We usually end up going for late night shows on weekends. And on one such occasion when we were returning from the movie at 1.30 at night, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I could see the same number of people sitting happily and chatting. Let alone the people, I could see small children playing there, while the families enjoyed the night out. As if that wasn’t enough for me, my next visit again surprised me. I saw a vendor cycling his way through selling ‘masala idli and sada idli’. I mean, the number of business opportunities this city offers, I don’t think any other place ever offers.
Seeing the variety of things happen at different points at this place really cheers me up for some reason. According to me it is the best place to just go relax and chill after a long day. There is a lot effort behind this very post of mine – bringing together the various observations over the past few months and compiling it into a post and also finding the apt pictures to post along with the post. The picture credits go solely to my husband. Thanks Mayur for the wonderful shots that go very well with my post!
With this I wish you very happy weekend. People at Mumbai, just take some time off and enjoy the weekend at Marine Drive.


Potato and Capsicum Bhaji

DSC_0786 Hi friends.. Hope the season is treating you with all the happiness you can ask for! So what’s cooking at your end? Hasn’t it been a while since I posted recipes? It’s been months since I posted one. Over the past few months I’ve been preparing stuff I’ve already posted on My Space. There wasn’t anything new coming from my side. Now that I tried my hand at something new, here I am with the recipe. This is my mom’s recipe. I’ve been eating it from I don’t know when! But never gave it a thought to try it out. But recently when my mother-in-law was not there and the preparation of lunch box was on me, I decided to go ahead with it. Potato is one such vegetable which is found in abundance at every household. So I decided to make Potato Capsicum Bhaji. Without wasting time let us quickly run through the methid of preparing the potato capsicum bhaji for chapathi.
12 medium sized potatoes
2 big Capsicums
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
2 tbsp Sambhar Powder
Salt as per requirement
Oil for frying

o Heat oil in a pan and add the chopped potatoes
o Add in the turmeric powder and mix well
o Fry the potatoes very well until golden brown
o Then add in the chopped capsicum
o Add salt as per taste
o Close the lid and cook for about 5-10 minutes until the color of the capsicum changes
o Add in the sambhar powder and mix well
Serve hot with chapathis or rice

Note – I used the homemade Sambhar powder which includes dry red chillies, coriander seeds, cumin seeds
It is very easy to make. On the whole it takes about 30 minutes, so it is the best idea for the lunch box as you’ve limited time in the morning to make it.

I’m sure you’ll try it out and let me know. I received positive response for my bhaji and hope it’s the same for you’ll as well.

See you soon.

Till then, Cheers!!!!

My Review on ‘Gone Girl’

imagesHello friends! How’s life been treating you so far! I’ve stayed off my blog for quite some time now. I feel guilty to even apologize because I keep doing it. With dussehra and deepavali around, I was enjoying my tour as such. By the time I got back to my routine I was held up with certain other things which is why I couldn’t make it to My Space for so long. But now that I’m here, I hope to rock as before. I have a list of topics to blog about as I’ve had a pretty much adventurous one and half months. After a lot of thinking, I’m bouncing back with a movie review post – movie which one cannot afford to miss. As such after marriage I’ve been seeing lot of movies (at least my dad thinks so, because every other day I tell him that I saw a movie). In one such movie we saw in September, we came across the trailer of this movie ‘Gone Girl’. We weren’t that shocked or thrilled to see the trailer. We thought it is one such disturbing movie. Last weekend, when we were browsing to check out the movies, we saw it. But we didn’t seem that keen because the picture we had in our mind with respect to the movie was a quite disturbing one. However, when we checked out the reviews we were amazed. The reviews the movie received was something outstanding. The next moment we decided that we shouldn’t miss it. That, I think, was the best decision ever, because mark me, the movie was worth hundred stars.

I just can’t recollect what I need to mention about because the movie is a perfect watch in every aspect. The direction is like astounding. The way the script takes you from the start to end is something out of this world. It’s like expect the unexpected! The story initially is about a man’s search for his missing wife. It keeps you occupied initially with the usual police investigation after the wife goes missing. Somewhere, after sometime completely into the movie you will get the feel of a guilty husband hiding something plot. Is the wife missing or is she dead or was she killed by the husband? The ideas that keep rolling in your mind ne after the other is like a great exercise to your mind. But ultimately, are you right in what you thought! You will just keep guessing what’s happening, but you will not be able to decipher the plot unless the director unveils it to you. When the secret is unearthed you will be left wondering. We couldn’t have found a better movie to watch, on a lazy Saturday night.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been seeing a lot of movies. Of all the movies I’ve seen till date, this is one such movie which left me gaped. It’s an absolute fantastic thriller. At least do not miss this. I would probably not miss such a movie. The direction, I must say, is something out of the world. In other words, it’s a perfect thriller movie with an awesome script and direction. Instead of thinking twice, I would suggest you guys just rush to see it, as it is worth every penny.

I’ve chosen not to write much about the movie’s story line because it is a suspense thriller. I don’t want to; by mistake also reveal anything that will let the plot go lose. Believe me, it is an amazing movie. The actors Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike have done a brilliant job. Just rush to watch it and enjoy the thriller unfold slowly.

Women, I must mention will be one happy lot after watching this movie (smile, smile). Whatever this statement means!!!! Keep guessing..