Shopping at Colaba Causeway

DSC_0483Hello!! I’m back very soon as I’d previously promised, with something different and new on My Space. Being in Mumbai for two months now, one of the most interesting things I can do on my blog is build up Mumbai Diaries slowly, which would probably be of some help to people who wish to visit Mumbai for the first time. My road sense is quite fair (nothing much to boast about like my mom, who has a photographic road sense). But then, with the limited road sense, I make sure that I remember the places I visit in Mumbai. I have visited many places here. Being a typical girl, I love shopping (I just mean, any kind of shopping, though I don’t enjoy window shopping much). I’m sure all girls out there would agree with me. I can go on and on shopping for hours even without realizing the time. That is how I wanted to spend my last weekend- just shopping. When you have a fellow girl, then it turns out to be twice the fun. And when it happens to be three ladies shopping it is much more fun. In other words, I just can’t explain in plain simple words, how much fun we can have when we go shopping.

Weekend is always the time when the entire family is at home enjoying, bullying each other. And weekend happens to be the time when I actually find my sister at home, all for myself, without any tension. From the day I’ve come to Mumbai, Madhuri has been planning to take me to Colaba Causeway, the shopping heaven for girls of all ages. But somehow, things didn’t work out so far and our plan always got cancelled. Last weekend, we finally decided that it’s high time we actually went shopping (girls always love pampering themselves, at least, I love). So, like the three musketeers, mummy, Madhuri and I went shopping to just pamper ourselves at Colaba Causeway.

I had heard that Colaba Causeway is a heaven for girls with everything under the sun available at a single stretch. I was too eager to see what sort of place it is! I must say I was just too over excited to see the place. I must say, you really do find everything at one place – necklaces, bracelets, finger rings, head bands, anklets, chains, decorative items, clothes (every single type), footwear, hand bags and what not. I mean, finding everything at a place is something very awesome for a city like Mumbai because it saves your travelling time. Once you reach the place, you can just keep walking along the long stretch to find every single thing you’ve ever thought of owning. There’s nothing which you wouldn’t find there. For the first fifteen minutes or so I just went on admiring everything I could set my eyes on. It took me some time to get into the actual shopping mode as I’ve to admit that I was flabbergasted. But once I started off, then there was no one to stop me (Oh yes, my husband was intelligent enough to stay back at home rather than accompanying).  But as a matter of fact also, guys would really get bored at this place. If not all guys, at least, guys in our family would get bored to the core if they accompany us.

As I already mentioned, you find a variety of items which will for sure drive you crazy. But girls, just calm down and relax and also beware. I learnt a lot of shopping tactics from my sister (pat yourself Madhi, for instilling in me those important shopping tips while shopping at Causeway). The shopkeepers are proud owners of stuff which we girls go crazy about. So it’s obvious that the prices they quote will be a little too much. So just open your mouth, be firm and just get your price straight and do not give up. You will in the end get what you want. I don’t actually remember when I actually bargained last. But I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping at Causeway. We just didn’t realize that we walked for about three and half hours shopping. It was only after I came back home did I realize that my back had got the most of my shopping.

Everything apart, being a girl, I just loved being at Causeway and I’m sure girls, you’d all enjoy it as well. So what’s stopping you, pick up your bags and just go. I’m coming up with something too cool too soon.

Till Then, Cheers!!!


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