My Review on ‘The Hundred Foot Journey’

downloadHi friends!! Hope life at your end is as sweet as honey! I’m back on my blog again after quite some time (exactly a month later). I know excuses are not meant to be, but folks I’m really sorry. I will make sure I blog at least twice a week from now on to make up for the days lost. As I had mentioned earlier I’m trying to bring in some new segments which might prove to be useful to most of you’ll in the days to come. That surely needs some background work, which at the moment is in progress in my over engaged brain. I have had my so many first sweet experiences back in Mumbai. Let me slowly bring it out one by one in my upcoming posts. One amongst them is what I plan to bring out in this current post. After shifting to Mumbai I’ve seen many movies (I’ve seen at least 10 movies in 2 months period – a bit too much for my Dad’s standard though). One such movie which will always remain in the list of my top favorites amongst them will surely be ‘The Hundred Foot Journey’. In fact, for me it’s the best movie ever. Today we don’t find any movie that actually creates an actual impact on you. We all go for it because it’s a time pass. But this movie is something more than what we actually expect from films today.

The film evolves completely around the life of one boy Hassan Kadam. The story starts off with Hassan as a boy and then takes us through his journey. The Kadam family move away from Mumbai after the communal clashes hit them and they lose Hassan’s mother in it, to a small place in Southern France. There they set up an Indian Restaurant just hundred feet away from Madame Mallory’s Michelin starred swank house. They really look too tiny in front of Mallory’s posh restaurant. But papa Kadam, an Indian Restaurateur doesn’t give up. He sets up this small gaudy restaurant with guts. Madame Mallory comes across as an icy proprietress is, however, not happy about it and she wants to have their business shut down. But senior Kadam’s son, Hassan Kadam has golden fingers with regard to cooking and his passion keeps their small restaurant going stong. Initially seeing his passion for cooking, Mallory’s chef Marguerite gifts Hassan a cook book with delicious French recipes. The story moves about with Hassan lending a hand in the setting up of this restaurant and how the Kadams take it along. In the course, they face opposition and obstacles. But, despite it all, the path which Hassan takes towards his success later in his life is worth watching.

I just loved the movie. Nowhere in between did I feel that it was moving slow. The movie is worth a watch. It shows that if you’ve passion you will do anything to reach the right place. Hard work and passion together will take you places for sure. My advice is to just rush and watch the film. I loved it. I’m sure you will all enjoy the subtlety. Manish Dayal as Hassan Kadam has done a real good job.

Until you guys watch the movie and get back let me just rush and get back with something nice yet again.




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