My Journey from South to West….

IMG_0917Hello friends!!! I know, it has been too long since I blogged last. That is why I am here today, to get back with the previous momentum. Sorry for the long absence. I just didn’t realize how quickly days have been flying. The entire month of June was jam packed as it was my wedding! It’s unbelievable that it’s been more than a month since I got married – 1 month 1 week to be specific. This, surely, is not an excuse to justify my absence from blogging. But I put forth my sincere apologies for not blogging in the past two months. To make up for the absence, I promise to come up with new categories on My Space. You surely need to watch out for it. It took me quite some time to think about the topic for blogging to mark my comeback. I wanted to go ahead with movie review (as I’ve seen many recently). But, at the same time, I wanted a different and unique topic to come up with – Movie reviews, book reviews and recipes are something about which I can blog endlessly anytime. That is when this particular topic hit my mind. This journey has been a special journey (this also being my first journey out of South India).

Born and brought up in Mysore, I never had an inkling that I would land up some day in Mumbai. I least expected that my dream would be in the city of dreams. Every single person I met before wedding told me just one thing ‘Mumbai is the complete opposite of Mysore’. I was aware of the fact too. Just like any other girl, I was also anxious. But somehow I was also sure that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed by it, I knew I had my family here at Mumbai, who’d support me and help me settle down.

My journey from a calm and relaxed city to a happening and fast city has been really interesting. Mumbai is always bubbling with activities however late in the night it is. I realized that very soon when I saw cars just plying on the road one behind the other at 12 in the midnight. At Mysore I’d never seen that happen ever! Nothing stops people from what they want to do here. If you’ve the zeal, you’ll do it come what may. Initially I was shocked to see the traffic. Now that it’s been a month I’ve gotten used to it and actually realize Mysore didn’t have traffic at all (I can remember cursing Mysore traffic at times which is actually nothing in front of the gigantic Mumbai traffic). However, traffic being the only negative point, I would say the city really lightens you up and makes you rush along!

My journey from Mysore to Mumbai i.e., from South to West has been the most memorable one. I do miss my folks and gang as well as the calm and relaxed Mysore city – the place where I was born and brought up but my family at Mumbai always ensures that I don’t miss anyone by giving me company. My journey, further, will be a great one as well by God’s grace, with the huge support system I have with me – my entire family. Thanks for being my sister and making me comfortable at all times Madhi. I can experience the joy of having a sister. Most importantly, Mayur thanks for holding my hand. It feels great to start a journey with that special person!

Now that I’ve opened my blogging account from Mumbai, I promise I’ll come up with interesting posts in days to come.

Till then, Cheers!!!