Cold Coffee -My Summer Special

DSC_0016Hello friends!! I am back soon this week! Hope all of you’ll have been good since I wished you last week. Everything’s been good at my end as well. I, along with scores of people, have been praying for rain, rain and rain. And I must say the rain Gods have been kind enough to bestow upon us unconditional and unlimited rain over the past few days. Hope it continues for sometime at least in May. The summers haven’t been good at all this year. It’s been too testing and hot. In the testing hot weather it’s really not possible to drink a cup of piping hot coffee in the evening (though that is what I prefer). Once in a while, when I feel it’s too hot and a hot cup of coffee, instead of doing good could make it worse for me, I prefer drinking another version of coffee – the Cold Coffee. It is very simple (when I say very simple, it really is!) to make and very tasty to sip on a hot day. So instead wasting time let’s just check out what goes into its making.


1 glass of cold milk

1 big ice cube

1 ½ tsp of Sugar

2 tsp of Nescafe Instant Coffee Powder

1 scoop Vanilla Ice Cream


o    Take the cold milk, sugar, instant coffee powder and ice cube in a mixer and blend them all together until the mixture is smooth.

o    Add in the vanilla ice cream and blend it well again.

o    Take a serving glass and pour in the mixture.

o    Top it with 2 spoons of vanilla ice cream and sprinkle the instant coffee powder on it.

Yummy and tasty Cold Coffee is ready to be relished. It’s time you all tried this easy but yet tasty summer drink. Also make sure to get back to me and let me know your opinion.

Will see you all soon again!!



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