My Review on Danielle Steel’s “The Ghost”

ghost-danielle-steel-paperback-cover-artHello!! I’m back soon this time. I’m making up for my absence in the later part of March! So how has April been treating you? It’s already peak summer at many places I guess. Mysore, which is quite famous for its pleasant climate has been seeing the worst summer this year.. With temperature rising to 37 degrees sometime in the last week of March is an indication of early rainfall probably. Over the past three days the weather has been pretty cool and blissful. Hope it continues and it rains heavily at the earliest. Otherwise things have been pretty great at my end. With occupying majority of my calendar this month I’ll be blogging whenever I find time and also ensure that I keep up my weekly blogging goal. It’s been long since I gave my review on a book. So I found it apt to bring it in my April blogging schedule.

People who know me well are also well aware that I love murder mysteries the most. But 2014 has been very different for me and so I’ve been reading love stories, chick lit books and the others in addition to the murder mysteries. One such book which I stumbled upon in my search is The Ghost by Danielle Steel. The name gave me a sort of thrill because I’ve always enjoyed ghost movies and ghost stories. Now that I’m completely done with the book I proudly announce that I will read all Danielle Steel books I stumble upon in the future. The story revolves around the present and past and how the present and past has an effect on the future of the protagonist Charlie.

It all starts with Carole, Charlie’s wife of ten years, announcing one day after ten years of her marriage to Charlie that she wants separation as she is having an affair with her senior at office Simon. Charlie is heartbroken as he didn’t have the slightest idea of what was happening. He has no one in the world except Carole which sort of drives him crazy at the thought of separation. He agrees to it as he has no other go. He tries a lot to persuade Carole to re think about her decision, but when she rejects the proposal he decides to give in. They sell everything that once belonged to them and divide it amicably and Charlie heads away from London.

He lands in a new place where he has been transferred in his job. After coming there he finds that the people at the office aren’t that serious and he decides to take leave of absence and heads for a joyful journey with himself solely for himself. He happens to meet one Mrs. Gladys, an elderly widow who offers him stay at her house as the weather isn’t feasible for him to go skiing. He stays back. In due course of interactions with Gladys, Charlie is introduced to a castle kind of a house built by Francois, Sarah’s husband for Sarah some two centuries ago. He falls in love with the house and requests Gladys to give it on rent to him. She agrees. And before Christmas he shifts there. One night he happens to feel the presence of someone in the house. That is when he realizes that probably it’s Sarah. He develops an interest in reading Sarah’s story. He goes to a historical centre and surfs for a book on the life history of Sarah. He finds a serious looking thirty year old lady called Francesca.

Charlie finds Sarah’s journals. He starts off reading it as he is keen on knowing who Sarah was! He begins reading the journal and that is when his life sans Carole starts taking a fruitful turn. Sarah’s life story has a great impact on the life of Charlie and Francesca. I’m sure you’re curious now to know what happens. Why don’t you just grab one and read through. The book is a mixture of love, suspense and courageous deeds. The book is worth reading. So why miss it! Rush and read it, until I catch up with you’ll very soon. I’m sure you’ll love it – the story as well as the flow. Not a bit of confusion in its making though it surrounds the past, present and future.



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