Greenery everywhere- What a treat to the eyes!

DSC_0003Hello friends… How has the week treated you? Hope it has been kind to all! The week has been productive for me. I was just wondering what to blog about this week on My Space. I didn’t want to come up with a review though I’ve a set of books to be reviewed. That is when this idea struck to me while travelling back to Mysore from Bangalore. The field I happened to see was really amazing. The impression it created on my mind has been remarkable. This is not the first time I’m seeing it, though. I’ve seen it many times. But the point of view from which I viewed it today has been completely different.

DSC_0001Our ancestors would’ve surely seen all these and many of them would’ve been a part of this amazing creation, but how many of us have seen it. A handful probably! We are so busy with our city life that we neither get the time nor the urge of visiting a place that actually is soothing to the eyes. We all should make it a point to visit any such place which brings joy to our soul within. Why not take a weekend off to such a place rather than visit malls and spend money. Not a bad idea is it? It so happens sometimes that we, ourselves don’t have any idea of what we want and what makes us happy. Only when we see something do we realize that this is it. That is what I felt today.

DSC_0005The picture gives you’ll a fair idea of what extent of hard work has been put into its making. This picture is of a field near Maddur in Karnataka. What mesmerizing sight it has. This is view from the train as I happened to capture. The farmers work in the scorching heat and sun to make such beautiful fields that soothes our eyes and touches our souls as well. Do we get to see this greenery anywhere in our cities? Never! We don’t even find a single tree under which we can hide to escape the heat of the Sun. We are ourselves responsible for such a state as we are the ones who cut down the trees. This picture is an example of nature at its peace. The greenery of the field has stolen my heart. I’m just mesmerized and I think I’ve viewed this picture some fifty times since I’ve returned. So I’ve decided to click as many pictures as possible of such amazing nature pictures and keep filling my blog with it.

This is my attempt at bringing forth all such places which we haven’t given a serious look at though we keep passing back and forth every now and then.

See you’ll soon at the earliest with another post.

Till then, Cheers!!!


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