Peas- Paneer Masala – My Delicacy on a Thunderous Tuesday

DSC_0003Hello friends! I’m back this week with a recipe. I’m opening this year’s blog account with a recipe. I actually wanted to start with a book review, but was quite busy during the past few days, so couldn’t get through. There’s always time for a book review, but a recipe has to come up immediately, is what I feel (the secret is – the later I come, the more ingredients I forget). Paneer is one such thing that I don’t mind eating daily. So when anything related to panner comes up I’m completely left stirred. Last time I made Palak Paneer,  this time when I found panner at home I decided I’ll make my mom’s delicious Peas Paneer Masala or what’s commonly referred to as the Paneer Matar Masala. I wouldn’t call this an experiment because it’s my mom’s expert recipe. I so wanted to try it out since the last time I ate it. When I found the chance I didn’t want to let go of it. Though I got up lazily late, my mom was dead tired waiting for me to make the delicacy as she’d promised me that she’d let me do it.

I’m sure most of you’ll want to try this out. So without wasting a single moment let’s just rush through the ingredients that go into its making and the procedure of preparing the same.


For the masala –

2 onions – roughly chopped

2 inch ginger piece

4- 5 cloves of garlic (with the skin intact)

5 big Dry Red Chillies

10-12 Cashew nuts

1 tsp Jeera

1 tbsp Poppy seeds (popularly known as Khus Khus)

1 tsp Amchur Powder (Dry Mango Powder)

2 tsp Kitchen King Sabzi Masala

1 tbsp oil (for frying)

1 tbsp Kasuri Methi

Water as per requirement

Other Ingredients –

Amul Paneer (small packet available in the market) – cut into cubes and fried

3 tomatoes (boiled and pureed)

1 tsp Turmeric powder

1 ½ cups of boiled green peas

Water as per requirement

Oil for frying

Salt as per taste


Heat oil in a pan and add jeera to it. Fry for a minute. Add chopped onions to it and fry until golden brown. Then add ginger, garlic and dry red chillies and fry. Add in the cashew nuts, poppy seeds and kasuri methi and fry well. Add water as per the requirement (I added about 1/2 a cup of water). Remove from flame and add the amchur powder and Kitchen king sabzi masala. Leave the mixture for about 30 minutes.  After it cools down grind it into a fine paste. Add a little water while grinding if necessary (depends on the consistency of the paste).

Now heat oil in pan and add the ground masala to it and fry until the masala gives a subtle aroma. Then add in the tomato puree and turmeric. Mix well and add in water and salt as per your requirement (check the consistency and add in water). Add in the boiled peas and bring the gravy to boil. Remove from flame and then add in the fried Paneer. Garnish it with finely chopped coriander leaves.

It’s an easy recipe, isn’t it? The overall time taken should be about less than an hour in toto. A little hard work and a yummy delicious recipe stares at you with glam.

So why don’t you guys try it. All paneer lovers out there, here comes yet another yummy delicious paneer recipe for you to chuckle on.

See you guys soon with another post very soon. My blogging target is far too broader this year and I surely aim to reach it.



2 thoughts on “Peas- Paneer Masala – My Delicacy on a Thunderous Tuesday

  1. I have a suggestion for home made paneer which is non processed and pure natural if you wish to do. For a litre of milk you’ll get 400 gms paneer.
    Boil milk turn low flame n add vinegar/lemon 2 spoons stir. It’ll seperate paneer from liquid left over and mash it for 5 mins n put it in small shaped box n freeza it for an hour and slice it accordingly as per requirement n enjoy….

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