And here I complete One Year….

Hello friends!! So I’m back again within a very short span. As I’ve been bugging all of you’ll since the past few days, I complete one successful year of blogging today. What’s new – The appearance of my blog? Yes, very much. I’ve shifted my blog from blogger to word press. I wasn’t basically comfortable with the templates offered by blogger and always felt that the appearance is boring and monotonous. You must’ve noticed that I have been changing the appearances every now and then. Thanks Anupama for planting about Word Press in my mind. I feel blessed with the new blogging experience.  I’m pretty excited about the new look of My Space. So basically I’m here today to celebrate My Space’s First Birthday.

When I started of blogging one year ago on this day, I’d never ever dreamt that I’d complete this milestone. I just started off because I loved writing. I never expected people to read it also, to be frank. But when I started getting positive encouraging responses I was really thrilled. That is when I started improvising my blog. I started off with just giving book reviews. At that point I just couldn’t think of any other skill I had that I could actually share with the world. But gradually, I realized that I could do much more than just reading in my free time. That’s when I decided that I’d try my hand at cooking. After all if anything can go wrong, it’ just that the final product wouldn’t be edible. But that was fine. I was ready to take up the risk and the associated critical reviews.

There was a time when my folks probably thought I’d be a complete failure in cooking, as I was very lazy to try or do anything. From somewhere I got the energy and determination to try my hand at it. And I must say I’m thrilled today at the response I get for my recipes. The most viewed posts on my blog happen to be my recipes. Wow, that really sends a chill down my spine. When my friends ring me up to ask me about some recipe I’ve posted on my blog, I feel happy to the power ‘n’. That’s when I run to my folks and tell them, what a mark I’ve made today!

For quiet sometime I was juggling between book reviews and recipes, when my friends suggested certain topics. I’m happy I could write something about it. But still I feel somewhere that I could’ve done better. There’s always scope for improvement, ain’t there! Apart from these posts I’ve been writing on General topics as well. My general topics have been quite a hit amongst readers as well.

When I asked for suggestions last week, I’ve got quite a lot of topics from friends as well. I promise I will not disappoint you’ll. I will at some point cover the topics you’ve put forth. Of late, I’ve introduced two new segments in my blog. One being photography and the other one being movie reviews. I’m patting myself as my new segments have done well. I never expected responses for the same but it’s been great to see responses for the new segments as well.

Overall, my blog has given me many reasons to smile. One being, of course, the encouragement and the support I’ve received from all of you. The most important reason for my smile is the changed me. Along with my blog completing one year, I’ve seen myself evolve as a completely different person. Before I had a very bad time management, but now, at least for the sake of my blog, I plan my tasks and try to complete it before hand. Though I still have a very long way to go, the changes I see in myself is quiet satisfying for me. Exactly a year ago I used to just read. But since the past year I’ve tried my hand at different things – cooking, sketching, photography, etc. Hope to add on much more to it in the future.

There is a list of people whom I have to mention here because without you guys my blog wouldn’t have reached the first milestone – Geeta for inculcating the reading habit in me and also supporting me in my blogging venture; Akshatha for suggesting topics for my blog; Sneha Das for promptly following my blog; Megha Bhat for encouraging and supporting me (Megha you’ve also been a great inspiration for me throughout); Coming to my family, I’d like to thank my mom for reading my blog regularly, of course, with me forcing you to; my aunt Vineetha for reading my blog; my cousin Aamodh for tasting most of the recipes I’ve tried out bravely; of course, how can I miss you out Mayur – you’ve been a great source of encouragement and support – The suggestions you’ve given so far have always been a hit. So keep suggesting. Lastly, I thank my family, extended family and friends for being supportive in whatever I’ve done so far. Hope to receive the same encouragement and support in the future as well.

So with tons of thanks, flashbacks and other stuffs, here I wish My Space reaches new milestones in the days to come.



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