My Review on the movie “Hasee Toh Phasee”

Hey friends! I’m back again. This time with a brand new segment as a part of My Space’s first birthday, that’s due this Friday, a movie review (ok don’t panic guys, it’s surely not Hrithik’s movie). I introduced a new segment on photography recently (which has possessed the greater part of me, of late). I was obviously getting bored to post just recipes, book reviews and general posts every now and then. As My Space promises, I wanted to bring in something new since long. But wasn’t able to come up with it because I was just too busy reading books and trying out recipes. As a part of what can be rightly called my New Year resolutions, I decided that this year I’m surely going to spread my wings by making use of my time very effectively, not just for the sake of doing, but for my own happiness as well. That’s how I brought in the segment of photography and similarly, I’ve come up with this movie review as well.

My friends might be wondering if I’m sick or something, because it is pretty unusual of me to post something related to movies minus Hrithik in it. I can’t remember the last non – Hrithik movie I watched in the theatre. I make it a point to watch every other Hrithik’s movie exclusively in the theatre and the rest I watch at home, probably a month after it releases. I’m glad I watched Hasee Toh Phasee in just the second week at the ‘cinemas’, thanks to the person who accompanied me. I wouldn’t have watched it at the cinemas if it wasn’t for you.

The film revolves around the life of Meeta (Parineeti Chopra) and Nikhil (Siddarth Malhotra). Both are extraordinarily brilliant, but they are not the ideal children their parents want them to be. At a wedding, Nikhil unknowingly helps Meeta run away from her house. In the same wedding, Nikhil meets Karishma (Adah Sharma) and falls for her. After few years, they are engaged. It’s only after his engagement does he realize that Meeta is Karishma’s sister. Karishma’s father doesn’t approve of Nikhil as he feels he is this lazy lad type. Series of events take place and Nikhil is forced to help Meeta with accommodation as per Karishma’s instructions. As Nikhil is not satisfied with any other accommodation, he takes her to his house. Meeta has these weird habits of popping in anti depressants and stuffs. Slowly Nikhil realizes what Meeta is going through and he helps her get out of these habits, gradually. Thus, follow various twists and turns. Obviously, I wouldn’t reveal it here!

I have not been such a great fan of Parineeti. I had previously followed her in her 2 other films, Ladies vs Ricky Behl and Ishaqzaade. I felt she was good in Ishaqzaade.  But still wasn’t the so called great fan of Parineeti. After watching the movie Hasee Toh Phasee, I’ve surely become her fan. You must watch the film for her acting at least. She has done wonders in the film.

The film is overall a nice one, a must watch one, I’d rather say. I liked it. A very sweet love story framed with exact proportions of love, laughter and emotions. You don’t feel that it’s too much in any part of the movie because it is that subtly made.There’s no reason why you shouldn’t go and watch it. I’m sure you’ll be entertained. When I can love the movie (me being the typical ‘hrithik’ fan), I’m damn sure all of you’d love it. Give it a try atleast. Do not miss it.

Will be back again this week…

Till Then, Cheers!!!

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