My Review on Sidney Sheldon’s “The Sky is Falling”

Hey all!! It’s me back again sooner than before. This month has been really too exciting for me to be silent. Amidst all the busy bee works I somehow sneaked in my time schedule to complete a book. It’s been a while since I gave a review. I have been looking forward for the same for a while now. So, as soon as I completed the book, I wanted to come up with its review. And giving a review about Sidney Sheldon’s books has always been my pleasure because every book of his offers something new. It doesn’t make you feel monotonous at all. Trust me! Once you pick up one book of his, I’m sure you’ll never stop until you’re done with his entire collection. I’ve read few of his books and I’m damn sure that I’ll complete the collection sooner or later.
If you’re a Sheldon reader you’d very well know that his books always have a female protagonist. The same with this book as well. In case you’ve read his book “The Best Laid Plans” you would have surely fallen for the strong female protagonist Dana Evans (I’m damn sure, you’d have fallen for her character). The same female character has been continued in this book as well. After reading The Best Laid Plans, you’d surely love to read another book with Dana Evans in it. This was the enthusiasm with which I started off this book and I must say I’m surely not disappointed. And Yes, Sheldon will surely not disappoint his fans (having read a few of his books, I can vouch for that).

The story begins routinely. Dana Evans has now become pretty famous after she covered the Sarajevo blasts in the book ‘The Best Laid Plans’. She brings along with her a kid who loses his parents and sister in the war along with one of his arms. She is juggling between her news reporting and the boy, Kemal (who happens to be a devil at school), when suddenly a person is killed in what is called as a shootout at home during robbery. But Dana feels that there is something more to it when she happens to hear that he was the last guy in the family alive and the rest of them had been killed in different ways within a year’s period. She’s pretty sure that the family has been wiped out deliberately though the family’s deaths appear like accidents. She takes the permission of her boss to find out in detail about what happened to each one of them. He gives her the permission but also warns her to be careful. She starts off with her investigation. She gets leads, but then ultimately the leads get her nowhere and she gets disappointed when she finds something very informative. She keeps juggling this way.
In between the story revolves around Dana and Jeff, her long time boyfriend who also happens to work with her in the media company. They decide to get married when Jeff’s ex- wife calls him up to be with her as she’s been diagnosed with cancer and she has no one to be by her side. Dana sends Jeff to be by her side. In the meanwhile, she carries her investigation that takes her places and she finally lands at Russia, she feels that something is truly wrong. That is when she gets to know that she’s being watched over. She realizes that her life is in danger. With leads taking her nowhere she returns back. Then the suspense breaks in the last 40 pages.
What else do you need? A perfect mystery, a suspense thriller and also a sweet love story! A perfect blend of everything at one place. Then what is it that’s keeping you away from trying this book. Just go ahead and give it a try. You’d love it in case you’re mystery lovers.
See You Soon..

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