My Review on Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”

Hello friends! I’m back soon this time with a lot of over excitement. I wanted to come and update My Space yesterday, but somehow couldn’t. I just rushed here today, because I surely couldn’t wait any longer. Some of you might be disappointed as I’m here with a review again. What is so different in this may be the question on your mind! But let me tell you just one thing; please do not miss it(the book, in particular). If all the novels I read this year turn out to be like this one, I guess I’ll read about 100 plus books during the year (my mom might give me tough looks after reading this line, but still). The book was such that I just couldn’t drop it without completing it. But I didn’t have a choice; I had to give up reading it in between as sleep, food, etc are quite necessary. This particular book wasn’t that easily available. I was searching for it since November. I didn’t find it online (out of prints, it said) and it was not available at the book store as well. I had no choice, but to wait. Last week all of a sudden I received a mail notifying me the availability of this book. As I was too keen on reading this book, I didn’t waste a single minute in owning the book.

I’ve read a few Agatha Christie novels before. I’ve always loved the ones featuring Hercule Poirot. I had never tried the other books of hers until last summer, when I happened to read her novels featuring Miss Marple. I wasn’t that happy reading those books. So I always looked out for Poirot mysteries and not the other ones. I wouldn’t have gone for this book, hadn’t I got a suggestion to go for it. So how could I not mention it here? Thanks Mayur for suggesting, I would have missed out one of the wonderful books.

I’ve always loved creepy stuffs – all sorts of murder mysteries and ghostly kind of things. The title also suggests very clearly, that there is something too very interesting in the book that’s going to keep you hooked on to it. This being the perfect mystery novel, I will not give divulge any details that’ll take the suspense away. The story begins with the introduction of certain people (about eight of them) one by one. Though completely unconnected with each other, they are connected through the Soldier Island. The eight of them are sent letters/called in personally asking them to come to Soldier Island by somebody they know.  At the island there are two more people – a butler and his wife. So making the total people on the island – ten. Their host and hostess are not to be found when the eight of them reach there and even the butler and his wife aren’t aware of where they’ve been there on the island since the past two days and have themselves not seen the host and hostess. Everybody finds it suspicious. But do they have a choice – not at all. They reach the island in a boat from the railway station and now the boat is also gone.

What happens in the due course is what one needs to really look out for! One by one they get killed in the way similar to one of the nursery rhymes ‘And Then There Were None’. There’s no chance of anybody getting in other than those present and killing. So the killer is supposed to be one amongst the ten. Who is the killer? Now that is the suspense.

The suspense in this novel is not equivalent to those found in murder mysteries. The suspense is so spine chilling that it is equivalent to any English Ghost movie. Reading this book is just as good as watching a ghost movie. You don’t feel like stopping it! You go on and on. In case you are reading it alone, watch out!
Now, why are you still here reading this! Just rush and find this book and start off. I promise you’ll not stop until you’re done. It’s an awesome book. You don’t need to be a mystery fan to like it, any other person who is going to read it will love it.

See you soon.

Till then, Cheers!!!

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