My Review on Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”

Hello friends! I’m back soon this time with a lot of over excitement. I wanted to come and update My Space yesterday, but somehow couldn’t. I just rushed here today, because I surely couldn’t wait any longer. Some of you might be disappointed as I’m here with a review again. What is so different in this may be the question on your mind! But let me tell you just one thing; please do not miss it(the book, in particular). If all the novels I read this year turn out to be like this one, I guess I’ll read about 100 plus books during the year (my mom might give me tough looks after reading this line, but still). The book was such that I just couldn’t drop it without completing it. But I didn’t have a choice; I had to give up reading it in between as sleep, food, etc are quite necessary. This particular book wasn’t that easily available. I was searching for it since November. I didn’t find it online (out of prints, it said) and it was not available at the book store as well. I had no choice, but to wait. Last week all of a sudden I received a mail notifying me the availability of this book. As I was too keen on reading this book, I didn’t waste a single minute in owning the book.

I’ve read a few Agatha Christie novels before. I’ve always loved the ones featuring Hercule Poirot. I had never tried the other books of hers until last summer, when I happened to read her novels featuring Miss Marple. I wasn’t that happy reading those books. So I always looked out for Poirot mysteries and not the other ones. I wouldn’t have gone for this book, hadn’t I got a suggestion to go for it. So how could I not mention it here? Thanks Mayur for suggesting, I would have missed out one of the wonderful books.

I’ve always loved creepy stuffs – all sorts of murder mysteries and ghostly kind of things. The title also suggests very clearly, that there is something too very interesting in the book that’s going to keep you hooked on to it. This being the perfect mystery novel, I will not give divulge any details that’ll take the suspense away. The story begins with the introduction of certain people (about eight of them) one by one. Though completely unconnected with each other, they are connected through the Soldier Island. The eight of them are sent letters/called in personally asking them to come to Soldier Island by somebody they know.  At the island there are two more people – a butler and his wife. So making the total people on the island – ten. Their host and hostess are not to be found when the eight of them reach there and even the butler and his wife aren’t aware of where they’ve been there on the island since the past two days and have themselves not seen the host and hostess. Everybody finds it suspicious. But do they have a choice – not at all. They reach the island in a boat from the railway station and now the boat is also gone.

What happens in the due course is what one needs to really look out for! One by one they get killed in the way similar to one of the nursery rhymes ‘And Then There Were None’. There’s no chance of anybody getting in other than those present and killing. So the killer is supposed to be one amongst the ten. Who is the killer? Now that is the suspense.

The suspense in this novel is not equivalent to those found in murder mysteries. The suspense is so spine chilling that it is equivalent to any English Ghost movie. Reading this book is just as good as watching a ghost movie. You don’t feel like stopping it! You go on and on. In case you are reading it alone, watch out!
Now, why are you still here reading this! Just rush and find this book and start off. I promise you’ll not stop until you’re done. It’s an awesome book. You don’t need to be a mystery fan to like it, any other person who is going to read it will love it.

See you soon.

Till then, Cheers!!!

My Review on Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express”

Hello friends! We are already half way through the first month of the New Year 2014. Hope your first half of the first month of the year has been astounding. Even if it hasn’t been that extraordinary, it’s fine. There’s lot more good things in store, let’s assume, for the latter part of the month.  Many of us are struggling to keep up our resolutions with full dedication though (me being one of them). Now that you’re through with half of the month, make it a point to carry on whatever new you’re doing for another week – It’ll become a habit! (That’s what I’ve heard, so I’m following it strictly).

One of the few things I want to do this year is read as many books as possible. So far, so good! I’ve been able to read two books in two weeks. I’m happy that the books I chose to read have been fantabulous. After having read a love story, I wanted to read something completely contrast to it. That is when I decided to start off with Agatha Christie’sMurder on the Orient Express”. What more could I ask for! I’d bought this book long ago. But somehow hadn’t found the time to read it. With my urge to read many books going strong, there wasn’t any reason why I shouldn’t read this one. So I just started off.

The title is suggestive of what story lies ahead. The story typically begins at the railway station with few passengers boarding the Taurus Express, Hercule Poirot being one of them. After having completed the journey on Taurus Express, Poirot continues his journey in the Orient Express, as he is called back urgently due to a development in a case he was handling. In the Orient Express he finds the two passengers he’d seen on Taurus Express. With a lot of difficulty he is accommodated in the train as his journey was completely unexpected. The train pulls off and so does the story. A brief is given about every single passenger on the train. The story moves routinely for the rest of the day.

When everything seems to be moving alright, there seems to be a lot of disturbance at night. With the passengers ringing in the conductor’s bell, time and again, asking him for one or the other thing. Poirot calls in the conductor as well for a bottle of mineral water. A lady creates a ruckus by shouting/ screaming at the top of her voice and telling everybody that there is someone hidden in her compartment. Ultimately it turns out to be no body. Everyone return to their compartments and call it for the day. The train stops in the middle because of a severe snow drift and everybody is stranded at wherever they are. The next day morning, after everyone’s up, the conductor finds that one of the passengers is not up yet. He goes in and knocks on the door but doesn’t find a response. The door seems to have been locked from inside. The conductor brings the key and unlocks it, to find the dead body of the passenger.

The story moves in an absolutely different direction altogether. Poirot is roped in by his friend, Bouc, who was also on the train to solve the murder. Poirot begins with his investigation. This part of the book completely keeps you hooked to the core. All the co passengers are investigated but the case seems to go nowhere. Everybody is confused. Nobody could have come from outside and escaped after the murder because the snow outside did not have a single footstep. One thing Poirot is sure about is the murderer still being on the train amidst them. But who out of the twelve people is the murderer is the question, the answer to which doesn’t look easy.

I’m surely not going to let the cat out of the bag because the thrill you get reading the book without knowing what’s in store is something that cannot be expressed. For someone who is a murder mystery fan, the book is supposed to drive you nuts with thrill, chill and suspense. When I casually told my uncle I’m reading Murder on the Orient Express he instantaneously told that he remembers having seen the movie and it was supposed to be awesome. That’s the craze for the book. So why the delay! Just grab one and I’m sure it’s worth more than the few bucks you pay for it.

Everybody seems to be busy with the festive season as well, I suppose, with Makar Sankranthi and Eid. Have a great festive season. See you’ll soon.


My Review on Chetan Bhagat’s “2 States – The Story of my Marriage”

Hey friends! Here I come with my first post of 2014. Hope you all had a great time welcoming the New Year. It’s already been a week since the day 1 of New Years. Everybody is quite concerned about how to keep the resolution going strong at least this year (may not be everyone, but some people like me are). So am I. So here I come to give a review to begin with. One of my resolutions (Oh yeah, I have many resolutions for the year) this year is to read as many books as possible. To keep my resolution alive I’ve read a book in just 2 days (it’s seriously a record for me). I’ve, hence, rushed here to give a review. This time the review is about, as you are already aware, Chetan Bhagat’s “2 States”. For some reason or so, I was very hesitant to take up this novel initially. This is because I’d read his previous ones “One Night at the Call Centre” and “Revolution 2020”. I wasn’t that much impressed about it, though I’ve heard his book “Five Point Someone” is awesome (haven’t read it but after seeing 3 idiots I feel the book would be awesome). For a while now I had been hearing reviews about 2 States too often. I got more positive reviews than negative ones which actually gave me the courage to go for the book. And this is the first Love Story I’ve ever read. So I didn’t want to be disappointed. Yeah, I must say I’m surely not disappointed. I’m happy I went for the book.

The name itself makes things very clear. It’s a love story. It’s about interstate love (the guy, a Punjabi and the girl, a Tamilian) and the hurdles accompanying it. It’s about love blossoming at the IIM-A campus. The way the story has been taken is simply awesome. It moves smoothly with the day to day college and campus life. After college, it moves slowly towards the work life and how the young lovers go about convincing their parents. There’s nothing like ‘a thrilling suspense’ and stuffs but the book is really gripping. You don’t feel like putting the book down unless you are done with it.

The book starts with the lovers’ first meet and slowly takes you through their first fight and subsequently their journey of love – the entire setting being the IIM-A. After the end of the course the story shifts from IIM-A to their respective houses and then to their work places. There are a bit of suspense sequences in between (I will not reveal about it, though). Then, their journey of convincing their parents about their relationship and its future begins. The journey doesn’t seem to be a bed of roses, though. Both of them put in a lot of efforts to convince both the set of parents.

Chetan Bhagat has narrated in a very humorous way. Certain portions are so funny that I’m sure you’ll laugh out loud. The story, keeping in mind its nature, is a very simple one. But the way it is taken about is too good. The author shows why it is important to win the hearts of parents before getting married to a person of your choice. He justifies while narrating the story why it is necessary to get married with the consent of both set of parents instead of eloping and getting married. The portion towards the end is really heart moving. The message the book imparts is worth reading for! I will not give out much as it might take the thrill of reading. 

A must read for people who enjoy every kind of book. A specially made book for people who enjoy love stories (I guess I will read more of it, as this being my first try at love stories has given me a positive feel).  So what’s basically stopping you from going ahead? Start your 2014’s second week with an awesome love story.

Enjoy every bit of it. See you’ll soon with something unique yet again!

Till then, Cheers!!!