My Warm Welcome to the ensuing New Year 2014……

Hey friends! Here I come again on the last day of the year 2013 to bid a colorful farewell and welcome the Brand New Year 2014 with a brimming enthusiasm. On this day, I’m sure everyone has their plans set for welcoming the New Year with grandeur. It’s common amongst all of us to make a set of resolutions for the New Year and then break it after three-four months (that is what I do, and I’m damn sure it’s the same with all of you as well). But still, at the end of every single year we do make a list of our resolutions with a hope that we will follow it this new year (the optimism should be awarded).

Before welcoming another brand New Year into our lives, it’s important to be thankful for whatever good happened in the past year. Not only that, we also need to be thankful for getting the requisite courage, on time, for facing all the obstacles that stood in the path we crossed by. Nothing happens simply.  Everything happens with a good reason. So if 2013 didn’t give you many joyful moments its fine, just be very optimistic and wait for those good moments you’ve been looking forward for in 2014. The point I wish to highlight here is positivity. Be Positive! One negative thought in your brain is sufficient to kill all the positive things that await you. So never let negativity control you.

Ahead of welcoming the bright New Year 2014, I wish to thank 2013 for giving me some wonderful reasons to smile. I’ve been doing quite a lot of things I always wished to do – First and most importantly, blogging. My passion for writing took me to blogging. And I’m literally happy that I started blogging. One myth I’ve found in millions of minds – blogging is a waste of time as it doesn’t help you earn anything. ‘Is earning money the only criteria?’ No, at least for me –it is not. In this process of blogging, I’ve earned knowledge (which I couldn’t have acquired with the help of money) and I’ve got in touch with people who have a true passion for reading and writing. The feedback I receive for every single post of mine is like a Learning Curve for me.

2013 has also given me the best vacation as well. After about 5 years or so I went on a long vacation and had the best time at Hubli with my cousins, my niece and nephews. I played different roles at my vacation, dancing to the tunes of all the kids there.

The year has also made me learn some harsh lessons in between; I would call it harsh because the good lesson was taught to me in a rather harsh way. But I’m happy I learnt it that way because I know I will never forget it in my lifetime. I will, now, also ensure that I don’t treat people the way I was treated. I’m happy my sad and stressful days did not last long.

I have a lot of small things that have really made me feel very happy and contented. I’ve seen many people who keep asking me the same question very often- Why did you have to do CA if you were to lead your life like this whiling away your time! To all those people who keep asking the same question, here goes my answer- I did CA because it was my biggest dream in life (the one and only dream). You all may feel I’m whiling away my time, but I know I’m not. I’m doing things I always loved to do. Passion differs and so do choices.

My days in 2013 wouldn’t have been happier if it wasn’t for all the support from my family. So thanks to all for making my days special and happy – my dad, mom, grandma, aunts, uncles and also my extended family at Mumbai. Apart from my family I would also wish to take some time off and thank my dear friends who’ve always been there for me – Geeta, Swathi and Archana. Love you guys!! And finally, how could I not mention Mayur here – Thanks a ton for reading my posts, giving me a prompt feedback and encouraging me. Hope you continue doing the same (I know you will support me).

Thanks to all the wonderful people who’ve encouraged me.  I’ve been taking small steps towards the path I always wanted to be on and I look forward to all your support throughout.

Please Note: One thing everybody needs to remember is I will remain as naughty as I’m now, and you will surely not see changes in that respect!

With all good lessons and happy memories I bid 2013 a farewell and look forward to an even brighter and joyful 2014.

Wishing one all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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