My Review on Mary Higgins Clark’s “Pretend you Don’t See Her”

Hello friends! Here I come again. As I had promised, I’m back with a review. Being hands on and busy, I didn’t have time to sit and read through a book continuously. But somehow, I managed to complete the book I’d started off maybe some two weeks ago. Previously I’d read one Mary Higgins Clark’s book and the book seemed very different and I liked it. So when I chanced upon this book I just didn’t think, I was very sure that I wanted to read it. The name “Pretend you don’t see her” also sounds very interesting (am not sure if you’ll find it interesting, but I found it very chilling). A typical murder mystery fan would love it.

Being a typical murder mystery, the book doesn’t start off with some introduction and stuffs, it begins straight with the story and within the first two – three pages the murder happens. The incidents that follow are amazingly weaved into the plot. The heroine, being an employee of a real estate agency happens to be the sole witness of the murder. She informs the police immediately. But before she informs, the victim signals to her a journal lying with blood and tells her to give it to her ex- husband. The journal has some lead which brought the victim close to the murderer of her daughter and put her life in danger. The heroine takes the journal herself and doesn’t tell the police about it.  She wants to keep up her promise she made to the victim. But somehow police get to know she is hiding the journal from them.  She is warned to return it. The intelligent thing she does is make a copy of the same (the importance of this is understood by us in due course).

The heroine being the sole witness, her life is in danger as the person who committed the murder for a certain person is a hardcore criminal, whom the police thought had died long ago. The heroine is kept under a witness protection plan in a far away city in disguise and is allowed to talk to her mom and siblings once a week and is not allowed to reveal her hiding place. However, once by chance she reveals a small piece of detail to her mom and then lands herself in neck deep trouble.

The way the plot unfolds then, is something mind blowing. The heroine is running in the process of trying to save her skin from the killer and the police as she feels the police aren’t doing their best to get hold of the murderer.

The book is a typical murder mystery. The murder happens initially, but the actual murderer (that is the person who got the mom-daughter duo killed) is revealed in the last page. The last 100 odd pages keep you so hooked on that you will surely not put the book down without completing it at a stretch (that is what I did last night). It has every ingredient of a perfect mystery. It has murder, a mystery, a plot, emotions, relationships, love, etc. There is no too much of anything. Everything is as much as is required.

There doesn’t seem to be a need to think twice before getting your hands on this book. Just grab the first opportunity and read it, I’m damn sure you’d LOVE IT.

See you all soon with something interesting as always. Till then take care.


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