Spinach Soup – My Delicacy on a Lazy Tuesday Evening

Hello friends! The winter has set its roots firmly at few places! How has it been received at your end? Mysore is at its best with a very cool and pleasant weather. It so happens that you feel very lazy to do anything in this weather. However, to curb the cold to some extent, I decided to make something nutritious as well as tasty. That is when I realized nothing can beat a tasty-spicy Spinach Soup. Many people hate spinach, especially kids. So if you want them to have something healthy you can give it to them. Every time my delicacy is tasted by my folks only. But this time with my aunts around, I had a huge demand for what I was about to make.
Without wasting a single moment let me rush through what goes into the making of this delicious soup.

4 bunches of Spinach
1 inch long Cinnamon Stick (powdered)
1 tsp Jeera
3 Garlic flakes (roughly chopped)
2 onions roughly chopped
15-17 peppercorns (powdered)
¼ cup milk (or fresh cream)
1 tbsp Salted butter (I used Nutrilite)
Salt (as per requirement)
Heat butter in pan until it melts. Add the cinnamon powder and fry for a minute. Add Jeera and fry for a minute. Then add garlic and fry. Finally add the onions, salt and fry until it turns golden brown. Add the spinach and fry for a minute and add water (sufficient to bring the spinach to boil). After the spinach changes its color, remove from stove and cool it at room temperature. Then grind the mixture (do not drain the water from the mixture before grinding, grind it along with the water).
Take the mixture in a vessel and bring to boil. Add milk and pepper powder and mix well and remove from flame.
Super delicious and healthy Spinach Soup is ready to relish on!
How many of you will give it a try on a rainy evening? Let me know.
I will be back soon with something different as always. Till then, take care and enjoy the winter!

My Review on “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams

Hello friends! After the super busy festive season, all must have gotten back to the routine work! So are things at my end, getting back on track after the festive holidays and weekends. But whatever it is, it becomes very difficult to get back on track when you are enjoying the super- lazy- relaxing days. Coming to my blog posts, I guess many would have wondered why I have been posting recipes on and on. Due to the long weekends and holidays, I had ample time to sneak into my mom’s tidily maintained kitchen and try my hand out in messing up things. In the course of posting recipes I have been eagerly looking forward to post a review. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to read continuously. I caught hold of a pretty boring book, suffered trying to read it for long and then, decided to call it quits. I have mentioned in my previous posts as well that I’m not that comfortable trying out authors whose books I haven’t read. But when I got a suggestion to read The Hitch Hiker’s guide to the Galaxy, I decided that I must give it a try. The reason why I positively went ahead to read the book was primarily the name! It sounded very funny. As I always do, I’m very thankful to the person who suggested the same to me. Thanks Mayur, keep suggesting! The book really tickled my tummy to the power ‘n’! This is one of the books I’ve enjoyed reading to the brim.

Initially, I always felt that murder mysteries are the only books I will ever read. Gradually, however, I started moving away from my forte and started trying some other books as well. And, I must say that I’m happy I’ve tried it out. If I’ve tried it, then anyone out there can give it a try, I swear you would like it (I mean love it, coz I just loved it). I’m one such people who are not that keen on science and stuffs. But after knowing that the book is hilarious I didn’t want to lose the opportunity of reading it. So I just caught hold of the book. The Prologue itself gave me such a tickle that I wanted to read the book at the earliest. So the moment I got through the festive season I just rushed through with reading the book.

The book has a prologue given by Eoin Colfer, which mentions about the characters in the most hilarious ways. This prologue is followed by the prologue by Douglas Adams, which is also simply outstanding. The story revolves around the so called Earthman – Arthur Dent. The story begins with the Council coming down to demolish Dent’s house to make way for a bypass. He is against it and tries in all ways to prevent it from happening. When Dent in the midst of stopping the demolition, he is joined by his friend Ford Prefect. Dent’s friend Ford’s character is developed in a really fantastic manner. The comic sequences that are built between the two are worth your time!

A series of events take place and finally the two of them land on a spaceship. I do not wish to disclose any of the events because the thrill you get when you read this particular book without knowing anything about it is simplyfantabulous. So many unexpected things keep happening and you get food for your thoughts. If you are the very imaginative types, your imagination will surely go places reading this book. I almost travelled to space reading the book (as I’m the very imaginative types). The last 20 or 30 pages are damn funny. I was being tickled in my stomach till then, but once I happened to move towards the end my ribs got tickled as well. It was really that hilarious!!

I don’t find any reason why any one of you should hesitate to take up this book. It’s simply superb. Do not think twice, just go for it. I’m damn sure you WILL like it. It’s a sort of sci-fiction types filled with loads of adventures at every point. You will surely not be disappointed about taking up this book. I assure you. I repeat, if I can read it with so much of enthusiasm and get back blogging about the same positively, so can anyone!

So why the delay!! Rush in and get hold of it and travel happily to the space. Have a Hilarious Trip!

See you all soon with something interesting as always….