Chocolate Fudge – My Diwali Delicacy

Hey! Festive weekend is fast approaching, so everyone out there I’m sure will be busy with preparations.  So what’s the festive special at your places? Back here, even I’m looking forward for a long – extended festival weekend. Though am not busy with any sort of preparations, I just thought I could be of some help to my mom by preparing something. I’m surely not good at making the snack stuffs famous down here in the south. I’m just comfortable making few sweets – though not the authentic ones! I only make sweets I like (I know it’s a little biased – but still).  This Diwali, I’ve been given special importance and everyone at home unanimously has decided to prepare and eat My Favorites. I took up the responsibility of making sweet. So I made the all time delicious and everyone’s favorite Chocolate Fudge. Basically I have made this a couple of times (I repeat – this being my favorite). Every chocolate lover out there would surely enjoy the taste of this sweet. So let’s quickly run through the procedure. It is very simple to make with just a little of your patience through the preparation time and nothing else).


50 gms of Cocoa Powder (strictly unsweetened Cocoa Powder and not Drinking Chocolate- I used the Weikfield Cocoa Powder)
100 gms of Sugar (Sugar as it is and notcastor sugar)
1 tin Milkmaid (I used the Nestle Milkmaid Tin)
100 gms of Cashew nuts (neatly chopped)
100 gms of Fresh Butter (unsalted butter)


Take a pan, add all the above mentioned ingredients one after the other and place the pan on the stove in medium flame, I repeat Medium Flame. Keep stirring the mixture continuously and never leave stirring it even for a minute. As the mixture takes the form of a ball and accumulates together, remove from flame and spread it on a greased tray and cut it into required shapes and sizes immediately (if you do not cut it immediately then you will not be able to cut it).

Enjoy the pleasure of relishing a delicious- heavenly homemade chocolate.

The preparation time varies from 25 to 30 minutes. Overall, as I mentioned earlier, it is a very simple homemade chocolate with just a little of patience (of course not patience to eat, but patience to make). The end product, I promise is a very tasty one!

I really feel that many of you will love this and try it out for sure. So why wait, just make it at your places this Diwali and brighten up.

I was supposed to write a review this time, but Chocolate Fudge kept me away from doing it. So I promise you to get back with a very interesting review at the earliest.

Happy Diwali! Have a Safe one!

See you soon…


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