My Review on P.G.Wodehouse’s “Right Ho, Jeeves”

Hello!!! We are all just out of the festive mood with the end of Navrathri and all set to enter the Diwali mood in a while. How’s the festive season been treating you’ll? Super – Awesome I suppose! It’s during these festivals that we get an opportunity to eat a lot of sweets without feeling guilty. So why bother, indulge yourselves in sweets till the end of Diwali Season, because you like it or not after that nobody will run after you offering sweets to you. Enjoy what you have at the moment. Coming to the festive season at my end, it’s been super awesome with food and fun. But, what a shock it was for me to see the crowd in Mysore during the Dasara this year. Just before Dasara could begin I chanced upon to have gotten my hand on one of Wodehouse’s books featuring Jeeves. I had heard that the book is super comical types. So the interest to read the book increased. I should thank the person who suggested me the same because for the first time in my life I literally laughed while reading the book (my mom who was sitting next to me had developed serious doubts that I’m going mad, gradually, ha ha). But, whatsoever it is, the book was mind blowing. The story is folded and unfolded with a subtle comedy in a fantastic manner.

The main story is set at Brinkley Court, the home of Aunt Dahlia, Bertie’s Aunt. However, it begins with Bertie Wooster returning from his Cannes trip. On his arrival he gets to know that Jeeves has been advising Bertie’s childhood friend with regard to wooing the girl he loves. Wooster finds Jeeves’ ideas silly and funny. So he suggests Jeeves to stay away from the whole matter and decides to take up the matter himself. While he tries to settle the issue of his friend by sending his friend and his lady love to Brinkley Court, he gets a call from his Aunt Dahlia that her daughter has called off her engagement. Now, Bertie has two tasks at hand to handle. He decides to go to Brinkley Court himself along with Jeeves. The way the story unfolds is simply awesome. Whatever Bertie plans turns out to be a disaster and it tangles things in such a way that it looks unmanageable. Any new idea he puts into force has an effect directly on Bertie himself. He is fed up with how things are turning out and so one evening calls out for Jeeves, discards the restriction he placed on Jeeves and tells him to sketch out a plan with regard the same.

The night of plan is around and the plan is out into force. The plan is executed but somehow doesn’t seem to work for Bertie. So Jeeves sends Bertie away on the pretext of getting a key and what follows the incident is simply tummy tickling – rib tickling types. Simply Awesome!

I mean this is the first comedy sort of a novel I have read so far and Oh My God I’m truly taken away with the book. It’s a small book with about 208 pages or so. If you are a fast reader you can finish it off in a day (me being the slower types took days to finish it). What I can promise is, you will surely love the way the story is woven and I must say you’ll surely appreciate the comedy as well.

So what’s stopping you, just try out the book and rush back here to my space and let me know your experiences as well. Till then let me try another Jeeves’ book.

Have fun..


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