Towards the End of 2013 Dasara Celebrations

Hello friends!! Everybody seems to be on a high during the festive season!! With navarathri festivities moving towards the end, here, I am with the Second Part of my Dasara Post. Today being Ayudha Puja, I am here to pen down about the Ayudha Puja celebrations that happened today at the Mysore Palace and also the pre procession arrangements for the big day tomorrow. This is in continuation of my previous dasara post. Without speaking generally, I will get into the topic as it is.

Ayudha Puja
As the name itself suggests, Ayudha Puja refers to the puja that is performed for the Ayudhas (equipments). Ayudhas for common people like us would mean the vehicles we use daily, any machineries used at factories, computers, laptops, etc. The same term has an even wider significance in the Royal Families. 

Ayudha Puja has always played a significant role in the rituals and festivities of Dasara at the Mysore Palace. I still remember that about two years ago my dad was a special invitee at the Ayudha Puja, and recollect some of the things he had told me about the same. A puja is performed to the various weapons which is followed by the cutting of pumpkin (it is usually believed that doing this would ward off evil eyes). After the puja the weapons are taken in a procession in a Golden Planquin to the Bhuvaneshwari Temple.  Apart from worshipping the weapons, special puja is performed for horses and elephants which, during earlier days, used to be significant in the war fields. Puja is also performed to the vintage cars which form a significant collection of the Maharaja.
Vijayadashami Day – The Procession and Torch Light Parade
The procession popularly referred to as the Jumboo Savari on the last day is always the highlight if the nine day Dasara Festivities. The Vijayadashami Day, as I had mentioned in the previous post, signifies the victory of the good over the evil. On this day, puja is performed and at the pre decided mahurat, the procession begins with the decorated Elephant carrying about 750 kg weight Ambari with Goddess Chamundeshwari. I have heard that before the Maharaja himself would go in the procession on the howdah. But, now the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari is taken in the procession. The procession begins at the Mysore palace and culminates at Bannimantap where there is a Banni Tree (I have read it somewhere that Banni Tree is worshipped because in Mahabharata Arjuna hid the weapons inside the trunk of this tree during the Pandavas’ one- year Agyatvas). Colorful tableaux, dance groups, music bands, decorated elephants, horses and camels all form an integral part of the Jumboo Savari. The procession is scheduled to begin at 1.45 pm tomorrow.

The curtains are pulled to the colourful festivities of Dasara after the Torch Light Parade at the grounds of Bannimantap, where you get to some see spine thrilling stunts and performances. Even if you are not in Mysore you get a chance to be a part of theses celebrations via television.
Thus, culminates nine –day long Dasara festivities!
With all the activities, hustle – bustle and the festive lights everywhere what more can one ask for? It is only after a complete year that we get an opportunity to enjoy the celebrations once again. So guys have a fantastic time and have a great blast. Be a part of the joyous celebrations and educate people who aren’t aware of the festivities taking part at this part of the Country.

May your lives be as bright as the lighting of Mysore and may your dreams be fulfilled.


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