My Review on “The World in My Pocket” by James Hadley Chase

Hello guys! How has October begun? With great enthusiasm as always I suppose! In just two months down the line we will be welcoming another New Year. So whatever interesting you promised yourself this year needs to be rushed through, if yet unaccomplished. Here comes another Sunday, and before bringing out the second part of my Dasara post I just felt like writing a review. I just caught this book when I was book hunting in a bookstore. I had read one Chase book before and had liked the flow of the story. I might have read this book about 2 years ago but all of a sudden I remembered this book today. So here I am with the Review of “The World in My Pocket”.

The story is about four big time goons – three guys and a girl. They have such master plans in their pocket that one just can’t imagine. The four of them sit down and discuss about breaking into something very big. One of them feels that it’s very risky but ultimately when the plan is chalked out they agree to it. They have a lot of self confidence in the way they are going to execute the entire plan in a fool proof way (as that is what they have been doing so far- their forte indeed!). I am not going to reveal what the plan is and how they execute it as the thrill of reading it is really worth it!

Before jumping into execution they try out their plan to check if there are any loopholes in it. The way Chase introduces the characters and unwinds the plan is really very nostalgic. On the set day they set out with their plan and OMG they succeed in conning! The aftermath of the success of their plan is really hilarious. They have their loot with them and they are into hiding as the police get to know that there were four people involved and one amongst them was a girl and stuffs like that.

They face a lot of hurdles when in hiding. How-so-ever successful they have been in their plan they are not able to hide in one particular place at a stretch as people somehow get to know that they are con men  Their hideout (which is a vehicle they have themselves designed) is similar to a Trojan horse. There is a lot of hustle bustle as police are behind them (people report to the police as soon as they find these people together). They keep running in their Trojan horse type vehicle. But, they fail to realize that it is not possible for anybody to escape forever. There comes a point when all of them are exhausted as they are not able to get in the open anywhere. They are famished. They reach a hilltop and feel that it is the best place to hide for some days. They decide to stay there for a while and get into the open after the hustle bustle about the conning subsides. Just when they begin to think that The World is, indeed, in their pockets, they fail to realize that their end has already been written by the destiny.

Chase pens the story in a very interesting manner- First the plan, then the execution, the escapade and finally the destiny! I have read a very few of his books. The guilty are, towards the end, punished either by law or God himself. That being the only predictable thing, the rest of it is really promising. A mystery thriller fan would surely love the book. I surely will not mind reading the book once again as it has lot of aspects which a reader would appreciate and would love to get hooked on to.

I might have read this book, as I said earlier, about two years ago, but still remember certain portions of it as it is very neatly carved. So why wait- if I’ve liked it I’m sure you would also appreciate it. Just barge into a store, get hold of The World in My Pocket and just start off without any second thought!

See ya soon with another interesting post.

Till then, Cheers!!!

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