Custard – My Thursday Treat

Hello! Here I am on My Space again. The reason for me being on the blog quickly is delicacy. As I said in my previous post that it was almost one month since I cooked something, all of a sudden I’ve got the urge of cooking often. So on a cool Thursday evening I just thought of treating myself with simple, yet delicious custard. It isn’t very difficult to make custard. What you have to do is just follow the recipe given on the carton of the custard powder. That is what I did!
To make things easier for myself in the future and people like me out there, here, I list the ingredients that go into and the procedure in the making of Delicious Custard.

Ingredients(Serves 1)
1 ½ tbsp of Pillsbury Custard Powder
2 teaspoons of Sugar
250 ml milk
Finely chopped fruits and dry fruits of your choice (I used apple, banana, cashew nuts and almonds)

Keep aside about 50 ml of milk, add custard powder to the milk and mix well. Heat the remaining portion of milk with sugar. When it is about to boil just add the milk-custard mixture and bring to boil. Remove from heat and keep it aside. Let it Cool. After the plain custard has cooled, add the chopped fruits and dry fruits and mix well. Refrigerate it.

Serve Chilled.

Simple isn’t it? Well, this is the most common dessert I make at home very often when I feel that I cannot drink plain milk anymore.  There’s nothing so difficult. So, why wait, just rush and treat yourself with the all time favorite Fruit Custard!

See you soon with some interesting posts as always.


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