My Review on P.G.Wodehouse’s “The Adventures of Sally”

Hello friends! I’m back after some time, though.  I wanted to write a book review, so was waiting to finish reading a book. Till date I have always been comfortable reading murder mysteries. I didn’t want to move out of the block or maybe I didn’t feel like moving away from it. But I wanted to break the ice and read something different. That is when most of my friends suggested me to go for P.G. Wodehouse’s books. I just went and picked up a book randomly at a bookstore seeing the title as I didn’t have any idea at all about the storyline. After reading the book I felt I need to pat myself (Yeah, first I must thank my friends for suggesting the author). The book is really interesting. Wodehouse writes in a different style. There is subtle comedy, drama, twist and a cleanly and crisply written story line.
As the title itself suggests, the story is about the Adventures of Sally Nicholas. Adventure in the literal sense doesn’t mean something like some exciting expedition, experience or activity; but it’s nothing less than that as well. The story begins with people giving Sally ideas as to how to spend the fortune she is about to inherit (her parents have died in an accident; Sally and her elder brother Fillmore Nicholas are left in the care of her Uncle). The brother-sister duo is to inherit the fortune once they attain a certain age. Now that both have attained the age, they become eligible to inherit the fortune. So friends gather to give Sally brilliant ideas. But, Sally has her ideas fixed. She wants to go on a tour and enjoy.

We are introduced to quite a lot of characters initially. I got a bit confused! But then, once I got acquainted with the storyline, I got adjusted. Sally is engaged, so there is her fiancé, Fillmore’s friends, acquaintances and so on. She starts her journey (her tour) and she happens to meet few people there, who are total strangers. She finds a friend in Ginger Kemp. Ultimately that guy proposes to her and she rejects it by notifying him that she is already engaged. They both vow to be friends forever. She returns. On the way back she meets Kemp’s cousin who was on the tour as well in the train. They argue over trivial things and she feels she hates him.
She gets back to her routine. Somehow she happens to meet Kemp’s cousin once again. Through him she gets to know that Kemp is missing. She is guilty as she feels she instigated him to rebel against his Uncle Donald. She keeps thinking about him and when she gets to her place she accidentally finds him under the bed. She is shocked and so is he! She decides to help him and offers him a job at her brother’s office. He reluctantly agrees. Things keep going in a smooth way and Kemp is sent out of the city for an accomplishment and when he returns she finds out in the course of a long chat that her fiancé has married some other girl. She is shocked and feels helpless. However, being the girl she is, she collects herself together and decides that this is not the end and moves on. She moves out of New York as she feels that the city would not help her revive herself. She stays in touch with Kemp via letters. Gradually, she gets over it and returns back to her city. When she is back here, she is welcomed to a changed paradise. She goes in search of her brother and Kemp as she doesn’t find them at office. There she learns a lot of things. She decides to set things right and in the meanwhile, Kemp’s Cousin (the person she keeps meeting on train) sends out a proposal to her. Her brother feels she should agree, but she refuses.
The next part of the story evolves completely around Sally, Kemp and Kemp’s cousin. At the juncture the story becomes sort of predictable (I think you develop an art of predicting once you become an avid reader), but then, the eagerness and excitement to know how Wodehouse is going to take you through it keeps you hooked on to it. Though the story doesn’t have mystery line, it promises something unusual and at the end you feel satisfied for having picked up the book.
There is no second thought about reading this book for people out there looking for a book completely away from mystery. You can surely give it a try. I just loved the subtlety of the story. This being the first book I’ve read from The Wodehouse Camp, I’ve decided to go ahead and read some more books of P.G.Wodehouse for a change (as I loved the way he writes).

Here I take leave for the moment. I will be back soon with a different post in a week! So keep watching out My Space for something exciting!


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