My Review on Sidney Sheldon’s “Master of the Game”

Hello guys, I’m back again with my review. It’s been quiet sometime since I posted a review. After reading Sidney Sheldon’s “Master of the Game” I really cannot wait for even a single day more to post the review. The book is called the masterpiece of Sidney Sheldon; a masterpiece novel by The Master himself. The heroine of the book truly lives up to the title “Master of the Game”. The book has so many twists and turns that it is unpredictable (for me it was unpredictable). The book is divided into different parts – Book One: Jamie, Book Two: Kate and David, Book Three: Kruger- Brent, Ltd, Book Four: Tony, Book Five: Eve and Alexandra and finally The Epilogue- Kate; and it covers four generations. Every part of the book is so interestingly carved that you feel like going on and on without a break. The character of Kate has been developed magnificently as The Master of the Game.
 The story begins with Kate celebrating her ninetieth birthday with her family. She talks to the ghosts of her father, his best friend Banda, mother, husband and a host of other people. We are then taken on a tour of flash backs beginning with the life of her father Jamie McGregor

‘Book One’ begins! Jamie belonged to a very poor family. He yearned for the well being of his family and he also dreamt of giving his siblings a very luxurious life. During those days people would travel miles together in search of diamond mines to get hold of diamonds. Jamie was no exception. He wanted to go too as he was sure that a few diamonds could surely change his life. He spills out his plan to his parents. At first they are not happy but, then Jamie somehow gets his way through and leaves in search of diamond mines. From then begins his struggle to survive. In the due course of his struggle he finds diamond mines and also digs out handsome amount of diamonds. But he is cheated and the entire diamonds are snatched away. The actual story, thus, begins with his fool proof plan to take revenge. He finally succeeds in doing so. He becomes rich as a result of his continuous hard work and starts the Kruger- Brent, Ltd.
The next part of the story is about Kate (Jamie’s daughter and Our Heroine) and David (Jamie’s Assistant at Kruger- Brent, Ltd). Kate’s father Jamie dies early after hearing the news of the death of his son. So Kate is brought up singly by her mother. From childhood she always made sure that at the end she gets what she desires. Unable to bear her tantrums anymore her mother puts her in a boarding school. She pleads with her mom against doing so; but in vain. She liked David a lot since childhood. She would always tell him that she would marry him when she grows up. Kate, being the only hope for Kruger- Brent, Ltd, her mother makes sure that she becomes capable to handle the company’s affairs. Kate is also keen on doing so. She grows up and so does her liking for David! She proposes marriage to him. He is not keen about it as she is very young. After a lot of twists and turns they marry! Both continue looking after the company and take it to heights. Her ambitions take new turns every now and then. She becomes power hungry. In the due course, when she is expecting their child, David passes away in a blast at the mines. Tony is born.
Next part of the book is about the Company “Kruger-Brent, Ltd”. She is left with Tony alone. As she is power hungry from before she goes to any extent to get her way out. She succeeds in every plan of hers. She takes her company to the heights she wanted it to be. This part of the book is precise and gives every detail and insights into how Kate manages her company.
The Book Four part deals with Tony. She wants her only son to get into the business after his studies. So she is always pressurizing the poor kid, to get her way out. He is sent to boarding. Almost every time, she makes sure that she is the decision maker in Tony’s life. He loves his mom; but at the same time he is fed up of her attitude. He has superb art running through his nerves. He decides to pursue painting as his career. Kate is shocked. Finally, he gets his way through and joins an academy for artists. Far away from home he lives a contented life. Kate lands there and is shocked to see her son’s marvelous paintings. But still she wants him back at Kruger-Brent, Ltd. When Tony thinks things are going pretty smoothly for him, he is humiliated by an art critic in newspapers. He is utterly disappointed about it and heads back home to Kate. Having no other option he enrolls himself in a business school (as per his mom’s wishes) and graduates. Kate finds her heir back in Kruger-Brent, Ltd. A series of events take place. His mom is constantly ruling his life and he deciphers the reason why he was humiliated by the critic and is heartbroken, when Kate decides to get him married. Interesting twists and turns happen and in the due course Tony marries the girl whom his mom has actually chosen for him. Tony’s wife gets pregnant and the doctor warns her against it as her life is at stake. But Kate wants a grandchild who will be the successor for the company. So she forces her to go ahead with it, Tony’s wife agrees! She dies in the course of giving birth to beautiful twins Eve and Alexandra!
Till now the story seems to be very nice with Kate’s brainy plans and the beautiful execution of the same. But in the Fifth part the real evil portion of the story begins. Kate, having recovered from the bullet injury (you need to read the book to know who is behind shooting her), is now back taking keen interest in the upbringing of her grandchildren; she dotes on them now as she foresees that either of them will take over Kruger- Brent from her. She sees one of them as her successor. When she sees the children grow she has a feeling that Eve is similar to her with a very strong character while Alexandra is a copy of her dad Tony, very sober and understanding. From a tender age Eve has a dislike for Alexandra as she feels that she is a hindrance for her at any time in the future. She hates Alexandra to the core and is always making schemes to kill her. All her schemes flop and Alexandra gets out of it somehow. Kate feels that Alexandra is too meek to take care of herself. She entrusts Eve to take good care of her sister and it seems like a blessing to Eve! Kate sends her grandchildren to boarding. Eve hates it. She is always doing tantrums. Alexandra is not aware of anything Eve does. At a point of time Kate realizes that Eve is too much to handle. The entire fifth part deals with how Eve fixes Alexandra everywhere and somehow gets through it. The grandmother realizes that she was wrong in judging Eve. When Kate gets to know about the miscellaneous misdeeds of Eve she disowns her and throws her out of the house. A series of events happen about which I will not reveal as it is the most thrilling part. The thrill can be felt only when you read it! The Book Five gives a striking message that a person cannot get away with his misdeeds till long; ultimately the good always wins over the evil.
The last part – The Epilogue is about Kate celebrating her ninetieth birthday. And then, comes an end to the series of flashbacks. The book gets back to where it actually began (A marvelous creation, I can say!)
What a book!!! I mean truly awesome. All Sidney Sheldon fans should give it a try. You will truly love it. After having read a few Sidney Sheldon books, I would like to mention that none of his books are similar. The plot of each book is completely surprising and thrilling. After reading it I’m pretty sure that you will go in search of all Sidney Sheldon books (that’s what I’m up to now).
A very big post indeed!! But I somehow could not stop writing…
Have a happy weekend and never stop reading! Those who have not started please start off and sail in the world of pleasure.

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