Sweet Corn and Vegetable Soup – My Independence Day Experiment

Hello friends! Here I come once again this week. First of all wishing you all a very happy 67thIndependence Day! It feels so nice to be a part of this beautiful nation. So how have you all been celebrating the day? Pretty lot of activities, I suppose. As I had a day off today (I mean, it’s obvious to have a day off), I decided to experiment with cooking today. I wanted to do something simple (because I didn’t want to spend lot of time in the kitchen). After a lot of thought process in action, I decided to make a simple Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup. I searched for recipes on the net and as always finally came out with my version of it. I can safely say that the soup is my version because I don’t literally follow what’s given in the recipe. I make a note of the ingredients and add it as per my wish and desire. Sweet Corn with Vegetable Soup happens to be my all time favorite. But I never knew that it was simple to make. When I got to know it was very simple, I decided to give it a try.
To make things simpler for me, my mom had all the vegetables chopped and sweet corn boiled even before I thought which vegetables to add. So things were very simple for me. 
What you need
1 cup boiled sweet corn kernels
1 cup mixed vegetables boiled (any vegetable of your choice- carrot, cabbage, green peas and beans is what I chose)
5 cups vegetable stock
3-5 tablespoons of corn flour mixed in ¼ cup of the above mentioned vegetable stock (usage of corn flour depends on your choice of thickness of the soup)
1 tablespoon Nutralite Butter
2-3 tablespoons of powdered black pepper
Salt as per taste
Take the vegetable stock and add the boiled sweet corn to it and cook for about 7 minutes. Then, add the boiled vegetables and cook for 5 minutes. To this add the corn flour mixture and salt and bring it to boil. Add butter and 1 tablespoon of powdered black pepper. Remove from flame; garnish it further with powdered pepper (if and only if you like your soup hot and spicy). Indulge yourself completely in its rich and delicious flavor.
One thing I noticed after boiling the vegetables is the choice of vegetables. Today being Independence Day I had Saffron, White and Green (Carrot, Cabbage, Green Peas and Beans) in soup! So I celebrated Independence Day in a unique way! Above all, I victimized all of them who came home today, which includes my uncle, cousin and obviously my mom and grand mom; but somehow my dad escaped from my clutches today…
The soup doesn’t require any special ingredient. All the ingredients are readily available at home! So why should you deprive yourself of the pleasure of indulging in this nutritious soup. Go ahead and give it a try.
Have a wonderful time…

3 thoughts on “Sweet Corn and Vegetable Soup – My Independence Day Experiment

  1. Hey i did not miss out coriander leaves….. the fact is you add coriander leaves for garnishing in case of curries…. i don't personally like to garnish soups with coriander leaves.. it doesn't give the authentic soup taste…

    I somehow caught hold of my dad and made him drink my soup…

    🙂 ha ha..

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