The Guiding Lights of My Life

Hello friends….. I’m here again with a new post. This week I’m posting something other than book reviews. This post is on demand!! My friend wanted me to write about My Role Models. My Space is running because of the valuable support of my friends; so how could I tell her No! I am more than happy if anybody gives me a suggestion regarding the topic as it saves my time of thinking! So here I am Akshatha with the topic you wanted me to write.
Denzel Washington has very rightly said – “I think a role model is a mentor- someone you see on a daily basis, and you learn from them”. 

It would be wrong on my part if I say that I have just one role model in these many years of my life. At every stage I’ve learnt innumerable things from ‘n’ number of people; some of whom I classify as My Role Models. This post is dedicated to all such lovely people who have been an integral part in the path of my life and success so far (looking forward for your unconditional support in the days to come as well). My success on this day stands credited with the contributions of three important people of my life; My Dad, My Mom and My Grand Mom. I owe all the three of them whatever I have achieved today in equal amounts. 
Speaking about my dad first: If at all I’m allowed to share my CA degree with anyone I would do it with my Dad alone and no one else, because nobody could have done anything more than what he has done to me. If I go on making a list of all sacrifices he has made for me I don’t think I can end this post. All the while when I was putting in my efforts to qualify as a CA he was always there to ensure that I have no discomfort of any kind. He always made things very comfortable and easy for me. CA is not an easy course as such; I have had my share of setbacks as well. But my dad was always there as a source of support. He is my Role Model and I will always look upon him as my First Hero.
Moving over to my mom: She has done every bit to make me what I am today. My mom was the person who would sit along with me in my preschool when I hesitated to go there. She has always been seconding my dad in supporting me. Whatever the situation, I always had her care and support. During my hectic exam days she would feed me so that I didn’t skip food in the course of my exam preparations. This went on I think till last year! Wow I mean! We are friends more than anything, so we share our set of fights and I keep throwing tantrums at her.
Over to my grand mom: I fall short of words to describe what she has done to me so far. Since when I was born she was the one who took care of me sacrificing her sleep. Even to this day, she feels happy and contended in doing my small jobs like filling my water bottle, getting me coffee and so on. One day, by chance if I do my small jobs myself she feels as if she has missed out on something. Even today if I go out with friends or even my mom, she gets really restless until I get back. Such is her love for me. Even to this day my day begins with my small tantrums on her.
Apart from these important people, I have a host of relatives (my aunts, uncles, and cousins), lecturers and friends who have always been a source of support. I have learnt so many things from so many people I have met so far, and I owe all of them a great deal.
It is very rightly said that without support from your family you cannot achieve anything however small it may be. I am thankful to all for their contributions however small it may be. If I have achieved anything today, it is just because of all your support. So keep supporting. I hope for the continued support from all those who are destined to be with me forever.
Above all, this blog would not have been possible without your support and encouragement guys!
Thanks for being there always. Looking forward for a long association!
Have a great week ahead.


8 thoughts on “The Guiding Lights of My Life

  1. I did not find a like button but if there was, that would not be enough. I just loved this post of yours. I feel this is by far the best you ve written and no words at all…

  2. (Y)

    this is wat i was thinking a week ago who was ma real Role models then I got a Point that Our Role Models r Our Parents with out there sacrifice V were no whr 🙂

    Thanks for such a wounderful post keep posting 🙂
    Rock it \m/

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