Friendship for me is……….

Hello! I’m back very soon this time, isn’t it little surprising? All of you might wonder why I sometimes leave my blog all alone to sleep at peace and get busy and sometimes come so often that I myself don’t feel comfortable with the idea. Jokes apart, I just wanted to get here on Friendship Day and take some time off and thank all those who have been an integral part of my life so far. But could not make it!
 This post is dedicated to all my dear, lovely and crazy friends who have been my source of support and strength always and I’m sure you’ll be with me like this always. 
In every stage of our life we come across different people with different ideas and characteristics. Amongst the ‘n’ number of people, we find few of them who are just as mad as we are! They ultimately turn out to be our friends for life

There are misunderstandings, fights and what not. But still we somehow stay hooked on to each other without complaining. Friendship should always be unconditional. Those who care and those who are meant for you will somehow find their way in your life and stay forever. It has been rightly quoted by George Martin in this regard. He says, “Summer friends will melt away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever”.  The quote that very well goes down with my girls’ gang is the one by Rita Mae Brown – “The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from mental illness. Look at your three best friends. If they are okay, then it’s YOU”.
I must say am lucky enough to have such crazy and loving friends, who tolerate my nonsense day in and day out. They have been doing it from a few years. (Oh YES, I have to mention! I tolerate their nonsense as well). A true friend is someone who accepts you the way you are.
I’ve had the opportunity of making many friends in this journey of life so far, from preschool to high school; Pre University to graduation; and last but not the least in my professional journey as well. My profession has given me some of the most wonderful persons as friends for life. I treasure each and every moment of my life with friends so far with utter care. If you have good friends by you, what so ever difficult situation you are in, they will surely make you laugh. Friends are your extended family who surely standby you in any damn situation and share with you your joys and sorrows.
This was a small post of affection for all my darling friends who have been there always. I will as always be there for you as well!
Friendship for me is treasure, for sure!
Have a great week and see you all very soon!

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