My Review on ‘The Shadow of Your Smile’ by Mary Higgins Clark

Hey everybody! The weekend has just begun and how are things moving at your end? Pretty cool, I suppose. Don’t let go of the weekend easily as you’ll get one only after a week again! So have fun to the brim. Here, I am, back again with another review. This time it’s not a Sidney Sheldon book! I’ve chosen ‘The Shadow of Your Smile’ authored byMary Higgins Clark. I happened to read this book during my month long vacation at Hubli. I read this book accidentally; I mean, I was in Hubli on a holiday and wanted to make use of my free time constructively. I found this book in my cousin’s collections and just thought something is better than nothing and kicked off. A great book!
This book is not like the usual mystery novels I have read. If you are a first time Mary Higgins Clark reader you might hesitate to go for the book as the cover talks about an old lady and the secrets she has sheltered throughout her lifetime and so on. But folks, don’t go in for it. The book has much more than what it promises to show.
The story is about an old lady who holds the key to the entire story. She holds within herself a secret which she has been protecting since ages. The secret is related to one of her cousins (her close cousin sister). At this point of point, with her deteriorating health, she wants to reveal the secret to the person who is supposed to know about it. She stays alone in an apartment and her family doctor is the only person who visits her often to check on her health. Very seldom she would leave the house to visit her sister’s grave in a taxi. Simultaneously we are also introduced to another character, a lady doctor. We are given insights of both the old lady and the doctor together. There somehow happens to be a thread of connection between the two which we are introduced to later; this lady doctor happens to be the granddaughter of the old lady’s cousin. The story keeps going on till a stage when there is a sudden change in the track and mystery is introduced into it. From a normal routine kind of a story, the plot turns into a murder mystery, which leaves you completely hooked on to the book. There is no suspense regarding the person who murdered here. The murderer is revealed in the next few pages, but the way the plot is taken around till the end is what leaves you stunned. 
Initially, you happen to think that the old lady died of her old age. But, then you realize that it is a murder. The next question that pops is regarding the motive of the murder. But why could anyone ever think of killing a harmless old lady? The answer for the same is the secret she had been saving throughout her life.  The secret took her life away. What a costly secret! Just before the murder of the old lady, the lady doctor gets connected to the old lady through a taxi driver. This doctor now takes the plot in her hands and unveils the entire story. 
The book is somehow different. The first thing being, maybe, the way the story is handled; the next thing being obviously the plot. Mary Higgins Clark has the knack of presenting the story in a crisp way and also in a very interesting manner. You don’t get bored even for a while though it doesn’t thrill you as much.
 I haven’t written much about the plot because if I start writing am scared that I’ll reveal the entire plot as the plot is linked completely.
So guys why are you waiting if you’ll want to while away a lazy day then just pick it up and march ahead. I will get back tomorrow with something different. Till then, Have loads of fun!

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