My Review on Sidney Sheldon’s “If Tomorrow Comes”

Hi all! Here I come once again for the day as I had promised. Before posting this review I wanted to post something different and then get back to my usual reviews. But I hadn’t found anything that interesting to put forth so far.  After My Experiment today I thought nothing can be as surprising and interesting as it and thus, came up with a post on food. Now, being my usual self I would like to quickly get back being my usual self with a review. The book I’ve chosen is Sidney Sheldon’s “If Tomorrow Comes”. It is a typical Sheldon novel with suspense and thrill. But this book is sort of funny as well. You get to see the other side of Sidney Sheldon here. All his novels being heroine oriented, this is no exception. You get to see light comedy in this book. Though not a match to ‘Tell me your dreams’, it is also a mixture of thrill, suspense, plot, revenge and love. 
The plot in this book revolves completely around the life of our heroine. It begins with the heroine speaking to her mother over the phone about her wedding preparations. Both the mother and daughter sound very excited and the next day the heroine gets a shocker that her mother has committed suicide. It’s unbelievable for her.

She goes to the city where her mother lived to complete the formalities. There she gets to know that a very influential person was troubling her mother for money which drove her to take the extreme step. She is terribly upset about it. She decides to teach that person a lesson. Her well-wishers warn her against it but she is firm about her decision. She goes over to his place. But a series of events at the house lands her in prison (she is taken to prison on the charge of burglary). When she feels her fiance is there to help her she gets to know that he is married now and has left her to take care of her situation on her own. She is left in the lurch. She is framed in such a way that she confesses to have committed burglary. She is sent to prison. We are, then, taken on a tour of the pathetic prison conditions. She struggles there, but finds a friend and protector, who in the later part of her prison life acts as her savior. When this friend of hers is about to get out of the prison she plans to escape from the prison along with her help. But things take a better turn for her when she saves the daughter of the prison chief from drowning. She is freed from the prison!
The next part is completely about how our heroine leads her life after being freed from the prison. She goes back to the place where she worked before but unfortunately she is not taken back because of her prison history. Now she has to do something to lead her life decently. She tries to live an honorable life but when she is denied such an opportunity, she starts off with a petty burglary job. From then on Mr. Sheldon shows how impossible it is to get back to normalcy once a person commits a burglary. One thing leads to another and so on. She is badly stuck in it. Though she plans to get out of it, it’s not possible for her. She also finds ‘a partner in burglary’ who turns out to be her ‘partner for life’. Does she finally get out of it or not is the substance.
This book brought back the memories of the Bollywood movie ‘Dhoom 2’. I would like to make a point here. Just like how we cannot hate Hrithik in the movie, we cannot just hate our heroine in this book though she becomes a big time burglar! I’m sure many of my friends are planning to bang me for having brought Hrithik in my blog…. But I didn’t find any better example than this!
A nice book for Sidney Sheldon fans. You guys can safely try it. The entire novel is constructed around the name of the book – “If Tomorrow Comes”. Though the book doesn’t contain that element of thrill it does promise a plot which you will be able to unwind only at the end. So why hesitate just grab it.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. See you all very soon.

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