Coffee Cake – My Experiment on a Cool Sunday

Hi friends… It’s a Sunday again! Sundays come so quickly and fly away even before we realize.  So what’s special this Sunday at your end?  My Sunday has been very interesting so far. I wanted to try out baking a cake since long, but somehow could not. I decided to get on with it today. I’m here on my space after a successful baking session. Yes, you guys are right in having guessed that my post this time is not related to books! My mom always had a complaint that I write only about books. So here I’m with a different post.
Till date, I have tried baking chocolate cake (everybody’s favorite, I suppose).  But I wanted to try out a coffee flavored cake, of late. I wasn’t sure about what goes into a perfect coffee cake. I browsed through various websites, but still didn’t find the recipes very satisfying due to a variety of my constraints. I just decided to follow the basics of baking and went ahead. I didn’t follow any measurements. I just let it be and added whatever I felt like adding (I think my mom was laughing at me all the while).  But I must say that the cake turned out to be pretty nice, above all its edible. If by chance had it turned out the other way round, I had to eat the entire thing all alone!  
All cake lovers out there who do not wish to spend a lot of time can simply follow the steps as under and you’ll be relishing on a delicious coffee cake.
1 cup all-purpose flour; ½ cup wheat flour; 1 tin sweetened condensed milk; 6 tsp instant coffee powder; 2 tsp cocoa powder;1 tbsp baking powder; 3 tsp hot water; 1 tbsp unsalted butter

Mix all the dry ingredients together (keep aside 1 tsp of coffee powder to make decoction). Melt the butter (do not heat it on stove in order to melt it). Add condensed milk to the melted butter. Add 1 tsp of coffee powder to hot water and add it in the condensed milk mixture. Slowly go on adding the dry ingredients and mix well. Add the mixture into a greased pan and place it in a cooker/oven and bake it (I followed the cooker baking way). After about 25 minutes just check it with a knife and if it comes out clean your coffee cake is ready to indulge in.
On a cold Sunday evening here I am indulging myself completely in this coffee cake and pani puri my mom has prepared!
I’ll be back again tonight with my book review as usual. I cannot wait any long to write about another interesting book by Sidney Sheldon. See you soon!

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